3 buildings you didn’t know existed on BYU’s campus


How well do you know the BYU campus?

There are 93 buildings on BYU’s campus, and chances are you’ve only set foot in a few of them. Here is a list of three buildings we bet you haven’t heard of yet.

  1. Fletcher Building
Constructed in an H shape in 1953, the Harvey Fletcher Building had a wing for each of the four engineering departments. (Savannah Hawkins)

Harvey Fletcher was the first dean of BYU’s Engineering Department, and was a internationally renowned physicist. The Fletcher Building (FB) is located just south of the Wilkinson Center on the BYU campus. The FB is currently home to the Mechanical Engineering Department.

2. Brewster Building

The Sam F. Brewster Building (BRWB) was constructed in 1962 to consolidate the Physical Plant functions in one location. (Wikimedia Commons)

Sam F. Brewster was the director of the physical plant department, as well as the developer of the building. The building was known as the Physical Plant Building until 1974, but was renamed after Sam F. Brewster’s retirement in his honor. The BRWB is unique because it allows shops at all levels to have dock access. Located at the corner of E Campus Drive and E 900 N St, the BRWB houses the Physical Facilities Department administrative offices, various shops, and is a warehouse.

3. Taylor Building

Karl L. Greenwood
The John Taylor Building (TLRB), also known as the Comprehensive Clinic, was built in 1980. (Wikimedia Commons)

The John Taylor Building is named after John Taylor, the third president of the LDS church. Currently, the building provides a variety of graduate student training in a variety of therapeutic and licensed services. Mental health, audiology, LDS Family Services, and communication disorders clinics are housed here. The building is located on the corner of 900 E and Birch Lane, east of the BYU campus.

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