Good Move Cafe encourages face-to-face fun

Liz Jensen plays games while enjoying dinner at Good Move Café. (Savannah Hopkinson)

Board game cafés have been springing up all across the globe, from Draughts in London to Meeples in Malaysia. Market researchers at Mintel published a report indicating approximately 30 percent of millennials are interested in visiting a board game themed café.

The Moons thought Provo would be the perfect place to capitalize on this trend.

“It’s a well-established concept in Europe, and we thought it would do great here,” said BYU graduate Shawn Moon. “Being close to a university is perfect for a place like this.”

Shawn and his father, Dave Moon, are the owners of Provo’s new Good Move Café — a place where groups and individuals can gather to eat food, play board games and enjoy each other’s company.

“We love the idea of something that brings people together,” Dave Moon said. “We think food and games do just that.”

Dave Moon said on Saturday, Oct. 21, the café was filled with over 150 people enjoying food and playing games.

“It really makes you step away from your computer and interact with people face-to-face,”  said recent BYU grad Hailey Hope. “It’s a great idea for a date night for any sized group.”

But BYU student Madison Christie, a board game lover, said she isn’t so sure about paying to play board games.

“I can just play games that I already own or buy new ones to play as much as I want,” Christie said.

Sam Egan, a waiter at Good Move Café, said he was thrilled when he heard a board game café would be opening in Provo.

“My family played a lot of board games; I played them all the time growing up,” Egan said. “I really like games and a place like this sounded really fun.”

Karley Blackwell (right) and friends play a board game at Good Move Café in Provo. Groups can play old favorites or try new games. (Savannah Hopkinson)

Egan said trying something new is part of what draws some people into a board game café.

“We can teach these games to people who come in,” Egan said. “There are over 700 games here, so I may not know every single one, but one of our goals is to learn every single game so we can help each person who comes in.”

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