Police Beat: Oct. 24-30



Criminal Mischief

Oct. 23 – A male student reported scratches in his vehicle’s paint and windshield.

Domestic Violence

Oct. 24 – A female student reported a delayed altercation in Wymount Terrace between herself and a male student (the students are a couple).


Oct. 25 – A woman reported receiving obscene phone calls coming from outside of BYU.


Oct. 23 – A woman reported the loss of a wallet, containing cash and credit cards, in a construction area.

Oct. 23 – A female student reported never receiving a $10-value “movie card” in the mail. The card, however, was only late arriving and the student later received it.

Oct. 27 – An individual reported a box of assorted video cable connectors missing from LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Weapons Offense

Oct. 25 – A female student reported an individual carrying knives around the testing center. An officer made contact with the individual and removed the knives.



Oct. 27 – A female student reported a man attempted to rob her of her backpack in the area of 300 North 800 East at 7:10 p.m. The victim was able to kick the suspect and run away. The suspect is described as dark-skinned, 5-foot-10, medium build, wearing a black hoodie and black pants, and no facial hair.



Oct. 26 – An assault was reported by a witness at about 4 p.m. near 600 North 300 East. A 47-year-old man was found at the scene and taken to the hospital in critical condition; he later died there. The investigation is ongoing.


Oct. 23 – A business near 500 North State Street was burglarized.

Oct. 25 – A home near 100 North 800 West was broken into, but the homeowner discovered things had only been moved around, not taken.

Domestic Violence

Oct. 25 – Officers responded to reports of a woman yelling “stop.” They discovered that raccoons had been attacking the woman’s dogs.


Oct. 23 – A male juvenile was stopped for not having insurance. The officer smelled marijuana and discovered the juvenile had a small bag of marijuana down his pants.

Oct. 23 – An officer stopped a car for not having insurance and cited the driver when he gave up his marijuana.

Oct. 23 – An officer responded to a suspicious vehicle and arrested the driver for having heroin in his pocket.

Oct. 23 – An officer responded to a report of man passed out in a running car in a Kohl’s parking lot. Upon arrival, she saw drugs in plain view inside the car and arrested him for DUI and possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Oct. 25 – An officer stopped a truck for equipment violation and arrested the driver on several warrants; he also cited a passenger for marijuana possession and found heroin in the car.


Oct. 23 – A woman was arrested for DUI after being found in a car near 700 East 1600 South.

Oct. 23 – An officer discovered a car stopped in the turn lane at 400 W. University Parkway. The driver, who had been drinking, was passed out and was arrested for DUI.

Oct. 25 – While officers had a car stopped to investigate a possible DUI, another car drove by without slowing down; the driver also honked his horn and yelled at the officers. When the second car was stopped, officers found out the driver was drunk. He was arrested for DUI.

Gun Violence

Oct. 23 – A man pulled a gun on another man during a marijuana sale and demanded money. When the second man refused, the first man fired two shots at the second man and drove away. The gunman was identified and arrested two days later.


Oct. 25 – Packages were stolen off the porch of a business near 1400 South State Street.

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