Kathie Allen Democratic candidate for special Congressional election

Dr. Kathie Allen is the democratic nominee for Utah’s 3rd District Congressional race. Prior to entering the race for the congressional seat, Allen practiced medicine for 30 years. (Daniel Friend)

Editor’s note: Candidates’ progress in the polls was taken from the Salt Lake Tribune’s most recent poll from Oct. 9-16.

Dr. Kathie Allen now represents the Democratic Party in Utah’s Third District Congressional election after 30 years of medical practice. Allen currently sits second with 19 percent in the polls heading into the election.


Allen was first exposed to the world of politics during her third year of college while working as a congressional aid for California Congresswoman Shirley N. Pettis.

During her time with Pettis, Allen said she learned how government functions.

“I learned a lot in those three years about how a government works and fails to work,” Allen said.

After three years of working with congresswoman Pettis, Allen decided to focus on her studies and medical ambitions. She did not return to the political scene until President Trump’s election.

Allen said she was not happy with the outcome of the election and wanted to take action.

“One of the reasons that I chose to run for office is because I wanted to stand up to the Trump administration and I don’t see any of the other candidates willing to do that,” Allen said

Allen said she feels her experience as a health care professional uniquely qualifies her to represent Utah’s Third District and said she feels ready to represent its residents.

“I advocated for my patients and I want to advocate for my constituents in a way that hasn’t been done,“ Allen said.

Key platform points

  • Climate change: On her website, Allen said she recognizes climate change as a real and urgent issue. She said she hopes to aggressively fight climate change and its effects. One solution to climate change Allen offers is a carbon tax which would impose a tax on fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Education: Allen said she will fight for proper federal funding for Utah education systems and supports the Department of Education. “That’s where the money needs to go, it needs to go to educate all students so that they can reach their maximum potential in life. I just feel so strongly about that I just want everyone to have the same chances that I had,” she said. Allen said she wants young people to have as many opportunities as possible and plans to allow these opportunities by removing student debt and other financial burdens of higher education.
  • Health care: As a medical professional, Allen said health care is one of her greatest concerns and sees it as an area that needs the most improvement. She said she feels that health care is a right not a privilege. On her website Allen said she supports universal health coverage to ensure all Americans have health insurance and wants to remove the free market from the equation.

What BYU students should know

Allen said she hopes to engage and empower students, as she believes student voters have immense power.

“You have to realize the potential for influence that you have and as far as I’m concerned, this is the first major election that your generation could play a deciding role in. You could change the course of our country right now. And I look to you for hope. I think you’re the hope for the whole future,” Allen said.

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