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Prepare, equip and teach

In the light of recent tragedies involving gun deaths, the long-standing debate over gun control is resurfacing. Many argue less widespread gun ownership would prevent many of these tragedies that happen every year. However, more widespread gun ownership can actually help prevent them better than attempting to remove guns from society. The right to bear arms is intertwined with a militia in the Second Amendment; its purpose was to allow the people to defend themselves. The United States without this protection would become a dangerous place, where criminals would have nothing to fear from unarmed victims. Potential victims who can defend themselves are the best protection against violent criminals, who do not care about breaking laws, but all have a survival instinct that will keep them from entering overly dangerous situations. There would be fewer assaults and attacks if criminals knew that victims were able and equipped to defend themselves. This is the best way to prevent violent tragedies, although it may not be possible to stop all of them. They can be reduced and prevented: prepare, equip and teach the population to defend itself.
Bryson Tanner, Las Vegas, Nevada