BYU Air Force ROTC remains on campus despite talk of a move to UVU

Christine Armbruster
Members of the BYU Air Force ROTC honor the victims of 9/11 in the flag vigil ceremonies on Thursday, Sept.11, 2008. BYU has hosted Air Force ROTC detachment 855 since 1951. (Christine Armbruster)

Air Force ROTC detachment 855 has remained on the BYU campus despite concerns about a potential move to Utah Valley University earlier this year.

The discussion about a potential move came after Col. Timothy Hogan, A-10 pilot and veteran of the post 9/11 wars, declined to sign an agreement to live by BYU’s Honor Code, which created discussion of whether the detachment would move to the UVU or stay at BYU. It appears that no move will be made after some debate.

“We have made zero plans at this point,” said Maj. John Young, the assistant operations officer at Air Force ROTC BYU, when asked if a move to Utah Valley University was underway, as reported in late August by the Salt Lake Tribune.

All students, staff and faculty must agree to the BYU Honor Code, which prohibits consumption of tea, alcohol and coffee. Hogan agreed to live the Honor Code standards while on duty, in uniform and on campus, but wanted to be able to have a cup of coffee in his own home.

BYU makes exceptions for visiting professors who will stay for one year or less, but since Hogan is on a three-year assignment, BYU could not make an exception for him.

“They won’t let me teach — since I won’t sign it, they won’t let me be an official teacher here on campus — but I’m still around,” said Hogan, who maintains an office at BYU’s ROTC building.

The Air Force ROTC detachment at BYU includes students from UVU, as well. The majority of ROTC cadets are BYU students, and BYU has always housed the program, with the UVU students traveling to BYU for their Air Force activities.

Minutes of a December 2016 conference call show Worthen and the Defense Department made preparations to swap the position of these universities, moving officers to UVU with BYU cadets visiting that campus to receive training.


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