BYU’s Global Supply Chain Association made attempt to break world record

Kaleena McKell
BYU global supply chain management students Nathanael Harrington and Cort Jackson staple paper chains together in attempt to break the world record for longest paper chain. (Kaleena McKell)

BYU’s Global Supply Chain Association tried to break the world record for the longest paper chain on Sept. 28. This event took place at Brigham Square where club members and other students joined together to staple their way into history.

The current world record for the longest paper chain in one hour is held by The Hong Kong Jockey Club at 2.3 miles long. This record was made in March 2016.

Preparation for the BYU event began last April with the idea actually coming from an unlikely source. Ben Darger, executive vice president of program promotion said his mom was the “brainchild” of the idea.

“We figured that there is a simple tie between the links in a paper chain and the links in a business that supply chain helps create,” Darger said. “Therefore the idea was born.”

By the end of the hour, the chain stretched from the Wilkinson Center to the Tanner Building. This was only 0.7 miles, about one-third of the record. However, Darger said he thought the event was a success overall.

Darger said the main goals of the event were to break the record, increase awareness of the global supply chain major, increase media awareness, and create a “fun, lighthearted event on campus.”

Global supply chain management junior Cort Jackson was there to help promote the major.

“We are just trying to get people aware of what a great major this is,” Jackson said. “A lot of people have to ask me to explain what my major is when I tell them I’m in global supply chain.”

Kaleena McKell
BYU’s Global Supply Chain Association held an event to build the world’s longest paper chain in one hour on Sept. 28. (Kaleena McKell)

Global supply chain management senior Nathanael Harrington was also there to help spread the word about his major. One thing he loves about global supply chain is the opportunity with the skills he’s learning.

“After graduation I’m planning on going into the healthcare arena,” said Harrington. “But there’s so much that you can do with it. Basically any business needs what global supply chain does.”

Darger agrees that there are so many possibilities the major creates, and this is his favorite thing about the major.

“I can go into so many different areas of a business and make a real impact right away,” Darger said. “From purchasing, to operations, to quality management, logistics, and other areas of supply chain, I have such flexibility and opportunity to make a real difference.”

To see upcoming events or learn more about the global supply chain management major visit their website.


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