Latter-day Saints provide $11 million worth of assistance for famine victims


LDS Charities is partnering with 11 global relief organizations in a humanitarian effort recently approved by the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The humanitarian effort will support 25 projects in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, Niger, Kenya, Uganda and DR Congo.

The $11 million donation will benefit more than 1.1 million people for up to a year.

Partners in the humanitarian effort include several nongovernmental and faith-based organizations.

An estimated 20 million people in South Sudan, Somalia, northeastern Nigeria and Yemen suffer from famine as a result of drought and civil conflict. Another 10 million people are also in crisis when it comes to feeding their families.

In June 2016, the First Presidency joined other world religious leaders, scholars and the World Food Programme in releasing statements supporting an end to hunger around the globe.

Since 1985, LDS Charities has provided nearly $2 billion in assistance to 189 countries and their inhabitants.

Read the full news release here.

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