Police Beat: September 19-25




Sept. 19 — An individual reported another individual had been trespassing. The individual left the area before officers arrived.


Child Abuse

Sept. 19 – A man was arrested for punching his 14-year-old son over how the son played in a football game.


Sept. 19 – A woman was arrested for DUI after an accident at 800 W. Center Street.

Public Intoxication

Sept. 19 – Two brothers were separated after becoming drunk and fighting in an apartment complex parking lot.


Sept. 19 – A woman was told over the phone to buy $500 in iTunes gift cards in order to be eligible for a scholarship. The suspect stopped receiving her calls upon getting the gift card numbers.


Sept. 19 – A man was cited for trying to return stolen goods to Walmart for cash.

Sept. 19 – A juvenile was caught shoplifting cologne at Buckle, a clothes store in the University Mall.

Sept. 19 – A woman tried to return stolen goods at Target for cash. Due to prior convictions, this was a felony.

Sept. 20 — A man stole an air conditioning unit through the roof of an Orem building.

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