Jimmer Fredette returns to BYU for charity events

Dani Jardine
Jimmer Fredette poses for photos with fans at the BYU store, where he came to sign tee-shirts and copies of his new book.

Former BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette returned to Provo to meet fans and sign autographs and his new T-shirt line on Thursday at the BYU Store.

“I (was) super excited,” said BYU senior Dan Limb. “I (was) standing in line for almost an hour. I’ve been a life-long Jimmer fan, and watching him in his career has been awesome. I’ve always wanted to meet him and I’ve never had the chance to, so this is my chance. I’ve got to take advantage of it before he goes back to China.”

Limb said he would love to see Fredette back in the NBA, particularly playing for the Jazz, but he knows Fredette has a great opportunity to progress and shine in China.

Limb was one among many excited fans who waited patiently to meet their basketball hero.

“We grew up watching Jimmer Fredette, so we automatically have a connection,” said Matthew Moser. “We wanted to get (his) signature.”

Matthew’s brothers Mike and Nathan joined him at the event. Fredette was signing T-shirts with the slogan “Jimo Dashen” on it. The nickname, which was given to Fredette by fans and media during his playing time in China, translates to “the lonely master.”

Mike, a junior at BYU, attended the BYU vs. San Diego State game in 2011 when the students stormed the court after BYU’s win and remembers this as a memorable Jimmer moment.

“It was insane,” Mike said.

Fredette was also excited about being back at BYU.

“It feels like a second home to me whenever I come back,” Fredette said.

Fredette reflected on all BYU has done for him over the years by mentioning the large support system he has because of BYU, even in China, and the morals and standards he was taught while attending the school.

“BYU teaches you how to be respectful and how to be all-accepting and going into different cultures, that’s a big part of it,” he said.

According to Blair Giles, president and CEO of the Fredette Family Foundation, Fredette comes back to Provo every fall, usually around the first football game of the season, for his charity.

On Thursday morning they stopped by Pleasant Grove High School to start their kindness clubs and programs.

The foundation’s kindness clubs are in 18 schools and have plans to impact 25,000 students in this school year.

Updates about the Fredette Family Foundation can be found on Twitter through the handle @jimmerosity.

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