Brent Brown Ballpark damaged by Loveloud festival


The successful Loveloud Music Festival may have been a little too festive for Brent Brown Ballpark.

Forklifts and approximately 17,000 people reportedly caused dents and holes in the ballpark’s field, which needed to be repaired before it could be used again.

The damage was so extensive that the Orem Owlz had to move two of their home games against the Ogden Raptors to Ogden’s Lindquist Field, according to Rick Berry, the Owlz’ general manager. Berry said Ogden was accommodating under the circumstances and there was little issue with the change in schedule.

“We won both games, so I guess it didn’t affect them too much,” Berry said.

The main effects on the team were losing some revenue from the missing home games and enduring 10 straight road games.

Even though the Loveloud Music Festival damaged its field, Berry said the team was understanding.

“Any time you have 17,000 people in a stadium, you know there’s going to be problems,” Berry said.

Some of the damage included ruts and tire tracks from forklifts, indentations in the field and a few sink holes. Berry said some of the turf had to be lifted by pitchforks, while other areas needed completely new sod.

The Brent Brown Ballpark refused to release photos of the damage.

The repair to the field was done by an outside contractor and by the UVU grounds crew, according to Berry.

“Everybody’s been great,” Berry said. “The players’ safety has been by far the most important.”

According to Berry, the rest of the season will go as originally planned, as the field is now back to its playable condition.

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