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Shorts at BYU

A rule at BYU is that women’s shorts must be “knee-length or longer.” The For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, which are guidelines given by the church presidency, only says “Young Women should avoid wearing short shorts.” It does not say to the knee. The Honor Code is a very important part of making BYU a safe, spiritual and intellectual campus, but girls wearing shorts will not distract from this healthy environment. Shorts are comfortable and practical, whereas knee-length shorts are difficult to find without shopping in the men’s section for boy shorts.

Some people might ask, “Where do you draw the line on short shorts and modest shorts?” Despite what the media says, not everyone can wear the same things and appear modest. It has to be an honest effort from students to teachers to understand when a person’s shorts are too short or revealing. Revealing looks like what it means. It’s too much skin and crossing a line. Obviously modesty is an opinion from person to person, but if there is ever any doubt, just ask the person if they would feel comfortable wearing it in the Lord’s presence. At BYU, the answer will become open to them through the spirit and they will not feel comfortable wearing them again if the answer is no.

If we all make efforts to wear modest clothing, changing the shorts rule will not change BYU standards. BYU upholds a high standard on all the people on campus, making it a safe and spiritual environment. Shorts would just be a way girls could feel comfortable in their skin and be physically comfortably in classes, walking to class, or in the testing center. Let all of us remember, “Modesty isn’t about a dress code. It’s an attitude of the heart.” (Anonymous). Let’s allow shorts to be shorts, not pants!

— Emma Woodbury

Baltimore, Maryland

Guide to dating

Once accepted to BYU, many female students look forward to finding their eternal companion while attending Brigham Young University. In fact, 63 percent of women hope to find their spouse while attending college. Sadly, not all of those of women find their spouse in college, not even at BYU. The likelihood of getting married while attending BYU is almost the same as getting accepted into BYU. For most, the odds are not in their favor. Girls should be making themselves available. Get to know boys and put yourself in situations that allow boys to get to know you.

As of 2009, 75 percent of students attending BYU were not married, and 45 percent of BYU graduates are not married. This doesn’t have to be so. Get on it, boys! Dating may be scary and some dates may be awkward. You may hate your date or you may fall head over heels for your “unicorn” girl. Whatever the case may be, it’s good. Start by asking a girl on one date. It’s easy.

Step 1—Ask: The most effective way to get a yes when asking a girl on a date is to ask her in person. The second most effective way is to call her.

Step 2—Plan: Think of something that you’d both like to do. Make sure you have a plan B if plan A fails epically.

Step 3—Execute: Take her on the date. Be a gentleman. Ask questions. I’m sure you know what to do.

Step 4—Doorstep Scene: If this is your first date with her, do not try to seal it with a goodnight kiss. Tell her you had a nice time. If you’re really interested, tell her you should do something again soon. Give her a solid hug and leave.

That’s it! These four simple steps have been proven to work for men for decades. I dare you to try them.

— Emma Hawkes

Pleasant Grove, Utah

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