Police Beat: July 26-31




July 24 – A male student reported a $450 bicycle taken from the secured racks at Heritage Halls. BYU police arrested a male suspect.

July 25 – An individual reported several unsecured backpacks were taken from the Marriott Center during an activity.

July 26 – An individual reported an unsecured bicycle taken from Helaman Halls. The bike was found in impound because it had been left by a tree.

July 27 – A male student reported his $400 iPhone was taken from a classroom in the Student Athletic Building.



July 24 – Provo police received a call about individuals holding a screaming female down in a park near University Parkway. The individuals holding her down were case workers, and the female was an individual with special needs and part of a city program.

July 24 – Two males were reported fighting in the road near the Covey Center on Center Street. One man’s wife was driving their car and slammed on the brakes for a man on the crosswalk. The man yelled and made a lewd gesture at the woman, causing her husband to get out of the car and confront him. The two men started punching each other and were separated when police arrived. Both men were charged with disorderly conduct. One of the men was taken into custody for failure to obey commands and resisting arrest.


July 24 – A transient male reported his wallet had been stolen from his tent in a transient camp near 1 S. 300 W.

July 24 – A woman reported her daughter’s tablet was missing near 1100 W. 300 N.

July 24 – A man went into a changing room at Dillard’s at Provo Towne Centre and put a shirt from the store on under his own shirt and attempted to leave the store. Dillard’s security chased the man until police arrived. The man had three prior theft convictions in the last 10 years, making this theft a third degree felony.


July 26 – Simple assault was reported near 1000 N. 500 W.


July 28 – Possession of meth was reported near 600 University Avenue.


July 28 – An alcohol offense was reported near 200 W. 300 S.

Sexual Abuse

July 25 – Sexual abuse of a child was reported near 1700 W. 50 N.



July 25 – Two drunk men got into an argument. One man was pointing a gun at the other man when police arrived. The suspect was arrested for aggravated assault, weapons offenses and alcohol-related offenses.


July 25 – Six juveniles were found in a vacant house with a backpack containing meth and 10 stolen iPads. It was later discovered Sharon Elementary School had been burglarized and was missing the iPads.


July 25 – Police responded to a report of a distraught man with a gun in a home. The people inside were able to get out and call the police. When police arrived, there was no one else in the home, and the man was standing outside with a gun and a beer. Negotiators and the man’s friend had been able to talk him out of the house. The man was arrested, and a mental health officer will see he gets help.


July 28 – Police responded to a report of a woman breaking into cars. They located and cited the woman.


July 28 – Police were called to a local bank when a man tried to cash a fraudulent check. The man claimed he was trying to cash it for his girlfriend in Germany who he had met online.

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