Police Beat July 3–July 10




July 3 – University Police responded to a report of children trespassing on Haws Field. The children were escorted from the field.


July 3 – A student reported an unsecured bicycle valued at $300 taken from the rack at the Kimball Tower.


July 5 – A BYU employee reported groups of people who had purchased Stadium of Fire tickets on KSL.com were sold fraudulent tickets.




July 3 – A bike valued at $500 was stolen from the lower campus area at 748 N. 700 East.

Breaking and Entering

July 3 – A residential burglary occurred at 836 N. University Avenue. Approximately $1,300 worth of items were stolen. Provo Police have no suspect information yet.


July 3 – Disorderly conduct was reported at 450 N. University Avenue. A male was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.


July 3 – Provo Police responded to a drugs call at 1300 N. 300 West. A male was arrested for the possession of marijuana.

Residential Property Crime

July 3 – Property was found at the Provo FrontRunner station and turned into police.




July 3 – An officer stopped a car that failed to stop at a stop sign. The passenger had a bag of meth. There was a warrant out for the passenger. The driver was cited and the passenger was arrested. They were also driving a stolen car.

July 3 – Officers found a stolen car near 1400 South and 200 East. The officers arrested two individuals before they drove away. One of the suspects had meth, ecstasy, heroin and other pills in his possession.


July 3 – A 17 year old at Get Air Hang Time reported a stolen iPhone. Police reviewed surveillance and were able to identify and begin tracking the suspect.

July 6 – A trailer was stolen from a business in the northwest area. Another trailer was reported stolen from the north area.


July 6 – A 12-year-old found a loaded handgun under a bush at an apartment complex near 1400 South Sandhill Road. The gun was recovered by the police and is being held for safe keeping.


July 6 – Fire crews put out small brush fires near 800 East 500 South and 1400 South 300 West.


July 6 – Two women reported they were being followed by a man in a green truck. When police stopped him he claimed he had been threatened by someone and that the two women were witnesses to the threats. Police found the man was a previously deported felon and was wanted again. He was arrested on an immigration hold.

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