Heritage Halls parking to replace Wymount Terrace Quad

The above map shows the general area that may be affected by BYU’s recent announcement. (BYU)

BYU’s Office of Residence Life and Student Family Housing met with Wymount Terrace residents July 5 to announce plans to construct new parking at the site of several Wymount Terrace buildings.

Due to an expansion of the Harmon Building and BYU Conference Center, Heritage Halls parking will be relocated across the street by the end of Spring 2018, resulting in the removal of Quad 1, as well as the Wymount Terrace Administration Building.

An exterior view of South Wymount Terrace, which will be affected by the construction. (BYU)

Julie Franklin, Director of BYU’s Office of Residence Life, said BYU plans on coordinating with nearby residents to prevent conflicts with traffic and business.

Current Quad 1 residents will be permitted to remain in their homes at Wymount Terrace through May 2018 in order to accommodate BYU students’ schedules, as well as the Provo School District’s academic year.

BYU also announced 36 Wyview Park apartments currently used for single housing will be made available for student families beginning next May.

An interior shot of a Wyview Park living room. (BYU)

“We will work specifically with the families that are displaced as a result of this decision and do our best to meet their needs,” Franklin said.

Services currently offered at the Wymount Terrace Administration Building will be relocated to other areas near student housing. Wymount Terrace parking is expected to remain unaffected.

Heritage Halls residents who can’t find parking in the new lot will be able to park near the LaVell Edwards Stadium.

“I think it’s good and bad,” said Nat Blood, a Heritage Halls resident. “It’s more parking, but it’s not any more convenient (than to) park 20 minutes away and walk. It doesn’t solve the main problem, in my opinion.”

Some BYU students believe the current parking situation at Heritage Halls could be solved by building a parking structure.

“(Even if) you do pay for a parking pass, you aren’t guaranteed a spot because there are more students that pay for parking than student (spots) available,” said Austin Harmon, a former Heritage Halls tenant.

BYU students are welcome to contact Student Family Housing Manager Victor Losser with any questions regarding the announcement.

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