BYU student takes home $43,002 after competing on ‘Jeopardy!’

BYU student Brandon Randall’s “Jeopardy!” appearance broadcast from June 26-28. (Brandon Randall)

Brandon Randall’s grew up playing the “Jeopardy!” computer game and even watched Ken Jennings . Years later, Randall competed on the popular game show himself and left with $43,002.

BYU English major, Randall, auditioned five times for the show before he was chosen to appear. After taking two online tests, he auditioned four times in Los Angeles and then a final time Las Vegas.

“It takes a while sometimes, for people to get on there,” Randall said.

After Randall’s Las Vegas audition, he was selected to compete in March. While his appearances were broadcast over the span of three days, he actually filmed all three games within an hour and a half. He said being on the show feels familiar but it’s a different experience altogether.

“It looks different because you’re looking at the video screen, you’re looking at Alex,” Randall said. “It’s surreal and it passes by really quickly.”

He won the first “day” and received $20,001. He then continued on to win the second “day” and $22,001.

His final appearance was broadcast on June 28 and he earned $1,000, walking away with a grand total of $43,002. He hopes to use his winnings for student loans, a new car, and travel, including a visit to Peru where he served an LDS mission.

He had the opportunity to watch his appearance with members of his ward at a viewing party hosted by his bishop.

“They were all really excited. They were cheering every time I got something right,” Randall said. “When I won — the room erupted.”

Randall recommends other people interested in getting on the show take the time to absorb new information. He said “Jeopardy!” hopefuls should be willing to learn, especially in their classes.

“At BYU we get the opportunity to learn so much and a lot of things in class you can pick up and learn, and that will help you too,” Randall said. “It’s really just about being willing to pick up new information and try to remember as much as you can from daily life.”

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