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BYU mobile app grade feature

In many areas, BYU stands at the forefront of innovation and progression. Education continues to move toward digital development and BYU has made much progress in this field. BYU produced a mobile app to help make school resources readily available to school students. BYU implemented the Learning Suite option that allows students to easily access assignments and information for their classes. BYU continues to update the app now and again, yet BYU has not added the feature to view grades.

Assignments are great, but we want grades! Right? Maybe it’s an effort to subconsciously gear our minds from worrying about grades to realizing the importance of homework in edifying our education (but probably not).  As far as I have learned in today’s education, grades allow us to pass classes, classes allow us to earn degrees and then graduate college. I’m not saying I agree with this system. But if this is the system we’re going to use, then why not have class grades just as accessible as accessing class assignments? I don’t know why, hence the reason I’m writing. But I do know that instead of viewing grades on the BYU app, I can view 10 photos in the BYU photography gallery. Or view every vending machine on campus to go eat away my frustration.

Overall, we at BYU kindly request the addition of viewing the grades of assignments and tests we have worked so hard on, through the BYU app. We hope to help BYU in its progression as we progress through our education. Viewing grades will make us accountable in ensuring scholastic success. In the end, we will become the pioneers of the future as we go forth to serve.

— Landon Dyer

Centennial, CO

Love and failure

I have friends that think love is not worth the hassle or that love simply won’t come their way. What they don’t understand is that love requires effort. You can’t expect to just sit down and suppose that someone will magically come into your life. You have to expose yourself to new things and essentially put your emotions at risk. One of the ways we make an effort is when we try to flirt with someone.

Now, there are only two outcomes that can come from flirting: failure, or success. More often than not, failure is the outcome, but what does this mean? Failure means we are like every other living being on this planet. Effort implies trying more than once, more than twice.

We know that love sounds fun and exhilarating, but after a few failures we question whether or not to embrace something that can cause such pain. All of our lives we have been told to chase after our dreams. Worthwhile dreams are typically considered to be things like professions, accomplishments, hobbies, and traveling to exotic places, but rarely do we hear about our main dream, which is to have a loving relationship.

Our priorities typically fall under pursuing a profession, religion, family, friends, and then maybe attempting to get someone’s number and finding a relationship. If we were to chase after love like we chase after our dreams, we would have fewer failures, more smiles, and a lot more fun. The only way to chase after love is by exerting effort and accepting failure. Doing our best is all that we need to do. A successful relationship can only come through trial and error. We must learn from our mistakes. As we make great efforts to find and maintain a relationship, we will come to be grateful for every minute we exerted to fall in love.

— Tanner Sheide

Highland, Utah

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