10 fishing spots just a cast away from campus


Utah County is home to many abundant fishing opportunities within an hour drive of campus.

Here are 10 fishing locations that have had recent reports of good fishing from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, as well as some tips to make your next fishing trip a success.

1. Vivian Park Pond

Vivian Park Pond is right up Provo Canyon and was stocked on June 19. 
Bait: Spinnerbait, dry flies or salmon eggs under a bobber
Likely catch: Brown trout and rainbow trout
Distance from BYU: 11 miles; 18-minute drive

Vivian Park is a great location for those looking to fish in comfort. (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

2. Utah Lake

Utah’s largest freshwater lake is just down the road from BYU and is a popular fishing location. The fish begin biting at around 7 a.m.
Bait:  Chartreuse, pink or white curly tail grubs or paddle bugs for white bass. Chicken livers, hot dogs, stink baits or nightcrawlers for catfish.
Likely catch: Bullhead catfish, common carp, channel catfish, black crappie, largemouth bass, walleye and white bass
Distance from BYU: 6.2 miles; 17-minute drive

Utah Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Utah, and a great destination for boating. (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

3. Tibble Fork Reservoir

Tibble Fork is located halfway between the headwaters of American Fork Canyon and Utah Valley.
Bait: Woolly buggers, nightcrawlers and dry flies under a bobber
Likely catch: Rainbow trout
Distance from BYU: 26 miles, 56-minute drive

Tibble Fork Reservoir is a great location to catch rainbow trout. (Lauren Hanson)

4. Spanish Oaks Reservoir

This reservoir is located at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon and was stocked on June 19.
What to try: Rainbow PowerBait, salmon eggs, nightcrawlers or soft plastic jigs tipped with a nightcrawler or mealworm
Likely catch: Rainbow trout
Distance from BYU: 14 miles; 27-minute drive

Spanish Oaks Reservoir (Lauren Hanson)
Spanish Oaks Reservoir was stocked on June 19. (Lauren Hanson)

5. Deer Creek Reservoir

Deer Creek is another large lake just up the road from Provo in the southwest corner of Heber Valley.
Bait: Use Garlic Rainbow Powerbait or a nightcrawler in about 10 to 15 feet feet of water for rainbows. Use Rapala DT 4–10, Bomber 6A or Yellow Perch Rapala Rippin’ Rap for smallmouth bass.
Likely catch: Largemouth bass, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass and walleye
Distance from BYU: 21 miles; 28-minute drive

Deer Lake Reservoir provides water to multiple nearby communities. (Provo River Water Users Association)

6. Salem Pond

This community pond is located south of Provo in the heart of Salem City. Fishers have reported catching rainbows and largemouth bass.
Bait: Spinners and Powerbait for rainbows. Gary Yamamoto Senkos or purple, black or brown pepper jigs for largemouth bass.
Likely catch: Bluegill, channel catfish, largemouth bass and rainbow trout
Distance from BYU: 15 miles; 28-minute drive

Salem Pond (Lauren Hanson)
Salem Pond is located south of Provo in the heart of Salem City. (Lauren Hanson)

7. Burraston Ponds

Students might recognize Burraston Ponds as the location of the famous Mona rope swing. The ponds were stocked on June 12.
Bait: Nightcrawlers, Powerbait, a Panther Martin Classic Regular Gold spinner or a Panther Martin Holographic Rainbow Trout spinner
Likely catch: Rainbow trout
Distance from BYU: 37 miles; 43-minute drive

Fishers are encouraged to release fish after catching them. (Utah Fishing Info)

8. Highland Glen Park

This community pond is located in Highland. You’ll find the best fishing off the docks.
Bait: Spinners and Powerbait work best for rainbows. For bluegill, try using Marabou jigs or 1/8-ounce white and pink curly tail grubs.
Likely catch: Channel catfish and rainbow trout
Distance from BYU: 18 miles; 36-minute drive

Highland Glen Park is located in Highland.(Highland City, UT)

9. Strawberry Reservoir

Strawberry Reservoir is a very popular fishing destination located 23 miles east of Heber City.
Bait: Mack’s Lure Cha Cha Kokanee, Yakima Flash Glo Squid Spinners or UV pink Rocky Mountain Tackle for kokanee. Gold-black Mepps Aglia Marabous for trout.
Likely catch: Cutthroat trout and rainbow trout
Distance from BYU:  59 miles; 1 hour, 16-minute drive

Strawberry Reservoir is located near Heber City, and is a great destination for boating. (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

 10. Jordanelle Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir is located 10 miles from Heber City. Try fishing for rainbows on the south side of the lake.
What to try: PowerBait, spoons and spinners for rainbows. Use crankbaits and minnow-imitating lures for browns.
Likely catch: Rainbow trout
Distance from BYU: 38 miles, 53 minute drive

Hailstone, pictured above, offers a more developed experience, while Rock Cliff provides a natural fishing experience. (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)

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