Top 5 summer hikes in Provo

Andie Bryce (left) and Taryn Shrouder (right) hike Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon. (Andie Bryce)

Summer is finally here and that means it is hiking season in Provo. From the Alpine Loop to Hobble Creek Canyon, there is plenty to do here in Utah Valley. Here are our top five nearby hikes for you and your friends to check out this summer season:

Rock Canyon Trail

The 6.2-mile trail is a must for the summer season. The trail runs to Rock Canyon Campground and is moderately easy to hike. If you are a first-time hiker, this is a great starting point.

One thing to remember is that this trail receives a lot of traffic. According to the U.S. Forest Service, the trail is open to hikers, horseback riders, mountain bikers and motorcycles.

To reach the trailhead, use N Temple View Drive. The trailhead parking lot is accessible from 2300 North.

Y Mountain

The Y Mountain trail is one of the longest and steepest hikes located in Provo, but the view of Utah Valley at the top is stunning.

It is just over a mile from the parking lot to the Y itself, and hikers gain 1,102 feet in elevation. On average, it takes between one and two hours to complete this hike.

Although this is not the easiest trail with multiple switchbacks and a steep grade, it is by no means off-limits to those who are not as experienced in hiking. This trail is dog-friendly and is a common trip for students during the summer and fall.

Battle Creek Falls Trail

Battle Creek Falls is a great hike for all skill levels. This family and dog-friendly hike spans only 1.4 miles. This hike includes a beautiful waterfall and is great for a short family day or even quick nature walks on the weekends.

Bridal Veil Falls

One of the most popular hikes in Provo is Bridal Veil Falls, located in Provo Canyon. With paved trails and a family-friendly atmosphere, this scenic hike features a majestic waterfall and is great year round.

This trail is less than a mile long and is accessible from a parking lot at the turnoff for Nunn’s Park. There is also a scenic view with quick access to the falls further up the canyon.

Buffalo Peak Trail

This mile long hike is great for all skill levels. The scenic views and relatively easy-to- manage terrain are great for large groups. This trail offers a Mt. Timpanogos backdrop and beautiful meadows as you walk. The western side of the trail gives a great view of the Utah Valley. Although this trail can get steep towards the end, this family-friendly hike is suitable for all levels and is a necessity this summer.

This trail offers a backdrop of Mount Timpanogos and beautiful meadows and the western side of the trail gives a great view of the Utah Valley. Although this trail can get steep towards the end, the hike is suitable for all levels and is located 7.5 miles up Squaw Peak Road.

Safety reminders

With the heavy snowfall from this winter, spring runoff has the potential to be swift and dangerous as the weather warms up.

The United States Forest Service reminds hikers to plan their trips in advance and check current trail conditions.

Also, make sure someone knows where you’ll be hiking and give them an estimated return time.

Finally, be prepared for rapid weather changes by taking a jacket, sunscreen and water, regardless of how the weather seems when you begin your hike.

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