Police Beat: June 12 – June 19



Criminal Mischief

June 12 – A BYU employee reported seven instances of graffiti on campus on both recycle bins and a newspaper stand. The estimated damage is at least $100.


June 13 – An EFY counselor reported three local juveniles spraying water guns out of a van. The juveniles’ parents were contacted and the individuals met with BYU police, who gave them a warning. The three juveniles were not EFY attendees.


June 15 – A report was issued on the sexual abuse of a child. This is one of five reports of sexual abuse of a child in Provo within the last week.



June 12 – Officers responded to a single-vehicle traffic accident and arrested the driver for DUI. The driver appeared to be under the influence of marijuana and meth.

June 12 – A man was taken to the hospital following a traffic accident at 800 N. Main St. The man was referred for DUI charges because he had taken some muscle relaxers with beer prior to the accident.

June 12 – Police stopped a man for running a stop sign. Police could smell marijuana, and after searching the car they found 2 pints of liquid codeine, 16.7 grams of cocaine, 16 grams of methamphetamine, 136 ecstasy pills, 2 grams of marijuana, 2.5 grams of liquid marijuana and $16,000 cash.

Hit and Run

June 12 – A suspect involved in a hit-and-run accident was subdued by a witness and stopped by police. The suspect was over three times the legal alcohol limit and was arrested.


June 12 – A woman was arrested with multiple warrants after being stopped by an officer. When searched, she was found in possession of several stolen driver’s licenses and a social security card.

June 12 – Three men and one woman were seen breaking into a mobile home in west Orem. The suspects impersonated Orem Police, knocking on the mobile home door and saying, “Orem Police” before breaking in the door and stealing various electronics. The woman and one of the men involved were found and arrested. Upon arrest, the suspects said they were saying “Orem please,” and not “Orem Police.”

June 14 – Officers responded to a home where $1,500 worth of property was said to have been taken by a relative. Police know who is responsible and are currently looking for them.

June 14 – A man was cited for theft after warming up a microwaveable burrito at a gas station and putting it in his pocket without paying.

June 14 – Three juveniles were caught shoplifting at the University Place mall.

Domestic Disturbance

June 12 – Officers responded to a noise disturbance call and found five individuals boxing each other and drinking beer from a bong in an apartment. The individuals were cited.


June 14 – A man was arrested after causing a disturbance at Outback Steakhouse. When searched, the man was found in possession of meth.

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