Provo Rooftop Concert Series gets people out


Provo hosts the Rooftop Concert Series every first Friday of the month, drawing crowds of all ages to enjoy music and socialize.

The concert series is now in its eighth year. The concert used to take place from the top of a parking garage in downtown Provo, but now takes place in the middle of Center Street outside the Nu Skin Innovation Center.

Tallen and Tiffany Bannister attended this month’s show — featuring Mmend, Brumby and Joshua James — with their 18-month-old son.

“It’s fun to get our baby boy out around other kids his age and people in general,” Tallen Bannister said.

The audience included people from various age groups, including teens, young families and grandparents.

Some people said they attend the Rooftop Concert Series to socialize.

“We come for friends and hanging out more than the bands,” said 14-year-old Justus Johnson at the concert.

Ally and Austin Hanneman said they went to the concert to spend time with friends on a double date, even though they don’t usually attend the concert series.

“It gets us out and is something different to do,” she said.

The crowd grew as the night went on.

BYU archaeology student P.J. Quinn said he enjoyed the night with some friends. He has attended Rooftop Concerts for several years now because they are free and fun, he said.

“I like the new location,” Quinn said. “It’s less crowded and I like being in the city.”

Tiffany Bannister said she appreciates the new location on Center Street because it offers a range of activities.

The Rooftop Concert Series website does not have the lineup for the next concerts. Upcoming performers are announced on the concert series’ Facebook page. The remaining concerts are on July 7, Aug. 4 and Sept. 1.

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