Provo Mayor John Curtis runs for US Congress


Dani Jardine
Provo Mayor John Curtis smiles as he answers questions about running for U.S. Senate. Curtis said being mayor was “the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.” (Dani Jardine)

Provo Mayor John Curtis officially announced he intends to run for U.S. Senate in the 3rd District at a rally held Thursday, May 25.

According to Curtis’ friend and host of the event Owen Fuller, Curtis originally had no interest in running and intended to step away from public service.

Curtis said he changed his mind about running “when I finally got my arms around how I could make a difference and how I could do this.”

John Curtis supporters overflow from the Bell Room in Provo, where Curtis announced he will run for Congress. At least 500 people were estimated to have been in attendance. (Dani Jardine)

“I had to know my heart if this was the right thing for me, for my family and for the district,” Curtis said in his speech. “I’m here to tell you that I bring experience, engagement and effectiveness to this race that nobody else could do.”

Curtis’ wife, Sue Curtis, said she felt good because she knew this was what they were supposed to do. She said their youngest child had just graduated, making it a good point in their family to make the change.

“Our family is behind him 100 percent because we know that if anybody can try to make a course correction in this critical time in American history that John will be the right person to help do that,” Sue Curtis said.

John Curtis said he realized many things done in Provo translate to what needs to be done in Washington, including the way budget has been handled and citizen engagement.

According to Curtis’ campaign website, some of his accomplishments as mayor have included a yearly balanced budget, transportation improvements and a 94 percent approval rating. When the audience was asked at the rally for their favorite improvements, people shouted “Google,” “Rock Canyon” and “Downtown.”

BYU senior Elsie Powley Rackham attended the event and said the preservation of Rock Canyon and revitalization of downtown as some of her favorite changes, as well. She said she is excited about Curtis’ decision.

Dani Jardine
People at the rally sign their support for John Curtis. Curtis said he must collect 7,000 signatures in the next two and a half weeks. (Dani Jardine)

I think the mayor has done amazing things over his last two terms, and I would love to see him continue that great work in Congress,” Rackham said.

Fuller, who has been actively involved in supporting Curtis, said he used to be frustrated with local politics until Curtis became mayor. He said Curtis made a big difference in Provo.

“I’m not saying John will solve all of the problems in Washington D.C., but I’m saying we’ve got a lot better shot if we have John there,” Fuller said.

Watch Curtis’ announcement and speech below.

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