BYU students discuss Memorial Day


Memorial Day is a national holiday meant to honor those that have died in military service, but many BYU students also use it as a day to remember ancestors and family members who have passed away.

Physics student Aaron Gentillon said he and his family usually drive to southern Idaho and southern Utah to visit gravesites on both sides of his family.

Elementary education major Melissa Durfee also visits family gravesites on Memorial Day.

“I always feel sad when I go to a cemetery,” Durfee said. “But we try to stay as positive as we can and just think about the good memories and think about the trials that they overcame.”

While students mentioned they typically barbecue or spend the day off with family and friends, others taking Spring classes will have to spend a large part of the day doing homework, like nutritional science student Andrew Jefferson and his wife Claire, studying accounting.

“Unfortunately this year it’s going to be a lot of studying,” Jefferson said, who is also part of the Army Reserve.  “We’ll take some time to discuss our feelings about the country and things that we can do to help show our support.”

No BYU classes will be held on Memorial Day, May 29.

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