Women choose comfortable fashion at BYU Women’s Conference

Ari Davis
From left: Katie Ann and Stephanie Powell from Sandy, Utah, dress in layers and matching Converse. (Ari Davis)

Women had many different reasons for how they chose their outfits for the BYU Women’s Conference. Most said comfort was their first concern.

Women’s Conference consists of over 200 presentations scattered around BYU campus throughout the day. Women who attend must consider the amount of walking they will do and what weather conditions will be like.

While most LDS events set an expectation of Sunday dress, many women at BYU Women’s Conference “dressed down” for the sake of comfort.

Jessica Eriksen and Maegan Fitzgerald knew they would be doing things all day. Eriksen consulted with Fitzgerald on what she should wear.

According to Stephanie Powell, who has been to the last 19 conferences, it is always rainy or really cold on the days the conference is held.

Powell brought daughter Katie Ann this year. This was her first time attending the conference.

Stephanie told her to dress in layers and continued to emphasize the importance of them. That morning, Stephanie even stole her daughter’s coat to wear to the conference.

This year, though, the conference landed on an unusually warm day.

Stephanie was expecting what she’s always known.

“You just get wet and then you go in with the air conditioning and you have to layer and then you come out and so that’s why (I picked my outfit),” Stephanie said. 

Stephanie and Katie Ann laughed over Katie Ann not having what Stephanie called the “layering coat,” but to her surprise, Katie Ann had one in her bag.

Layers weren’t the only determining factor in Katie Ann’s outfit. She chose a floral pattern like many other conference attendees. 

“You’ve got to have like nice but still comfy but cute, so you go with a floral t-shirt because that has all of the above,” Katie Ann said. “Floral is always the way to go.”

Aside from women dressing comfortably and for the weather, some were thinking about other things as well.

Rozella Angell had comfort on her mind but stood out in a pair of brightly colored cupcake leggings topped with a blue dress with jewels at the top.

“I wanted something fun,” Angell said.

The Crasper and Holverson clan were also looking for more than just comfort. As a family, they decided a couple years ago they wanted to match, but they couldn’t remember exactly how they got the idea. This was the first year they matched for both days of the conference.

Even though they’re related, they are all from different places. Jane Holverson pointed out that matching makes it easier to find one another.

There were also women who looked like they chose style over comfort, but really still opted for comfort.

Kim Wright wore bright colors and was inspired by the spring season to do so.

“(I chose) something comfortable, because you’re sitting all day and you’re walking a lot and you want to look cute,” Wright said.

Wright showed being comfortable doesn’t mean style goes out the door.

“When I look better, I feel better,” Wright said.

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