LDS missionary dies in Wisconsin; cause unknown

Elder Jeremy McCauley, a 19-year-old from Payson, Utah, died in Wisconsin Friday night.

Elder Jeremy McCauley, 19, from Payson, Utah, died Friday night of unknown causes while serving in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission, according to LDS Church spokesman Eric Hawkins.

“We are saddened to share news of the death of one of our young missionaries,” Hawkins said in a statement. “We mourn with his family and loved ones and pray that they may be comforted as they deal with this tragic loss.”

Scott and Marni McCauley, Elder McCauley’s parents, released a statement Saturday afternoon:

“Our family is so very sad at the passing of our dear son,” they said in the statement. “We have been so pleased with his service as a missionary and for his love and dedication to Jesus Christ. While this loss is devastating, we take faith in what we know about the gospel of Jesus Christ and we know that we will be with him again, as a family forever; which is the essence of the beautiful message he was so excited to share with the people of Wisconsin.”

Elder McCauley had been serving in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission since November 2016.

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