Faith in Christ brightens a blind student’s world of darkness


Among the 30,000 students attending BYU, Erin Nightingale stands out from the crowd.

It’s hard not to recognize the petite girl tapping a walking stick in front of her as she maneuvers across campus.

Paesha Tuttle
BYU junior Erin Nightingale doesn’t let her blindness stand in the way of achieving her dreams. (Paesha Tuttle)

Diagnosed with congenital glaucoma and aniridia, Nightingale has suffered visual impairments since infancy. But that hasn’t stopped her from developing her talents — particularly as a pianist.

Nightingale said the gospel helps her live her life.

“Faith is a huge part of being blind because it is hoping for things which are not seen, which are true,” Nightingale said.


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