BYU alumni and London Symphony Orchestra produce song to inspire

Cinematic Pop released a new music video featuring Spencer Jones for their original song “So Low.” (Cinematic Pop)

Cinematic Pop, a musical group created by Rob Gardner, Drex Davis and McKane Davis and featured on America’s Got Talent, released a new studio album and music video for the original song “So Low” performed by Spencer Jones and the London Symphony Orchestra.

The music video had more than 10,000 views in less than a week.

Spencer Jones, who has been singing with Cinematic Pop since 2015, said he was inspired to write the song “So Low” during a time when his littler sister Julia moved to Arizona.

“The lyrics of ‘So Low’ were written the night before she entered a wilderness program called Anasazi,” Spencer said. “That night in my little Mesa apartment, I felt that I had let her and the rest of my family down by not being able to help her in all the ways I hoped.”
Anasazi offers outdoor behavioral health care services for adolescents and young adults “struggling with lack of motivation, defiance, mild mood disorders, drug and alcohol experimentation, internet addiction, entitlement issues and other self-defeating behaviors,” according to its website.

Spencer said his sister’s time in Arizona was a blessing in her life because those experiences made her the woman she is now.

“What I did know is that music gave me a way to express how I felt that night, and I hope that as others listen to it, they will know that they are not alone, that it’s OK to fall,” Spencer said. “I think there is power in knowing that others have also experienced difficult things, and that power gives us the strength to get back up and keep trying.”

Julia said Spencer invited her to live with him during times when she was feeling unhappy and lonely, which later helped them have a closer relationship.

“I got into a relationship with a guy that lasted most of my high school years, and it was very unhealthy and caused me to distance myself from my family,” Julia said. “Looking back, it seems like a different life or like it wasn’t real, probably because I was a much different person before moving to Arizona and going to Anasazi.”

Julia said she wants people to know there are people who care, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

“I want people to hear ‘So Low’ and realize they’re not alone when they are struggling, that others have gone through similar times of depression and have gotten through them,” Julia said. “It’s kind of a sad song but with a very hopeful message if you really listen.”

BYU alumna Morgan Jones, Spencer and Julia’s sister, said she sat in tears listening to “So Low” at a Cinematic Pop concert.

“Spencer wrote ‘So Low’ during a really difficult time for our whole family because we were watching our sister and daughter who really did ‘shine so bright it hurt to look’ pass through a really difficult time,” Morgan said.

Morgan said she and Spencer talked about the power of music and its ability to help people see that they are not the only ones who have felt a particular emotion.

“I think it’s interesting because this song talks about a wide range of human emotions: loneliness, disappointment, fear of doing something hard, a desire to be something you’re not, regret,” Morgan said. “I love how it says, ‘Sing with me until I get home,’ because we can all sing together and support each other until we ultimately make it home.”

BYU alumnus Drex Davis, co-creator of Cinematic Pop, said when his wife listened to “So Low” for the first time, it struck a deep chord with her and she cried.

“It’s a song about loneliness and despair, but also hope and connection — an opening of connection between people who have felt the hopelessness of deep failure, the loneliness of it,” Davis said. “But in knowing that they are not alone, they see a way forward.”

Julie Greer, wife of Area Seventy Elder Leonard Greer, attended a Cinematic Pop concert last year. She said watching Cinematic Pop and Spencer Jones performing “So Low” live was a touching experience.

“I know these people and met them, so it was very moving,” Greer said. “The first time he ever performed it live, I was in the audience. It is a tender piece and very emotional.”

Cinematic Pop’s new studio album includes three original songs, including “So Low.”

“These songs are very big, very sweeping, and we really reach for the highest highs and the lowest lows, hitting a broad spectrum of emotion from ecstatic joy to deep sadness,” Davis said. “You’ll hear familiar songs, but in unfamiliar ways.”

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