Best of the police beat


Criminal mischief

March 15 – A resident assistant reported that eggs were thrown against the outside wall of Jay Hall at Helaman Halls.

Feb. 6 – An employee reported graffiti drawn in black marker in the Culinary Support Center. Custodial was contacted for cleanup. Damage costs are estimated to be $20.

Sept. 20 – University Police responded to a male student found planking in the atrium of the Marriott School Building.

Sept. 6 – A “U” was written with magic marker in a restroom of the LaVell Edwards Stadium over the rivalry weekend.

Disorderly conduct

Feb. 20 – Officers responded to a report of two brothers involved in a verbal argument and fight at the LaVell Edwards Stadium. Officers separated the brothers.

Feb. 15 – A student reported another student for acting disorderly in the Harold B. Lee Library. The suspect flipped a computer keyboard over, was loud and used profanity. The student was escorted out of the area.


Nov. 28 – A man was reported to University Police after he threw snowballs at a student leaving the library. When confronted, the suspect explained he was from California and was excited because he hadn’t been in snow before. He apologized and stopped when police explained to him it is inappropriate to throw snowballs at random citizens.

Sept. 26 – A female in Helaman Halls reported her air conditioning in her car had been filled with perfume, and her Hilary Clinton bumper sticker had been taken off and replaced with a Donald Trump sticker. She previously spotted strangers surrounding the car when the horn went off. University Police officers are now patrolling the area.

Sept. 17 – University Police responded to two males getting in a physical fight during the BYU vs. UCLA football game over who should be the starting quarterback.


Jan. 10 – Someone reported a vehicle stolen from the visitor lot near the J. Reuben Clark Law building. Officers checked the lot and found the vehicle parked further east in the lot from where the individual thought it had been parked.

Nov. 25 – Police responded to a student’s report of a stolen vehicle. They later learned his roommate had borrowed it.


Feb. 9 – An officer tried to stop a man on a bike. When the man saw the officer, he jumped a curb, went over an embankment, ditched his bike, ran inside In-N-Out and tried to hide by pretending to be a bench. The man was arrested.


March 11 – A student reported that a couple walked into a rugby game when the ticket taker was not on duty. Officers contacted the couple for the tickets.

March 9 – A student reported that other students were on the roof of the Joseph F. Smith Building. It was determined the students were on the patio and there were no problems in the area.

Oct. 18 – Students were reported playing soccer on the second floor of the Life Sciences Building. They moved to a different location after police arrived.

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