Locals slide into spring with Park City’s annual Pond-Skimming event


Every year at the start of spring, locals get together to take part in Pond-Skimming at the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City.

“It is mostly for locals, but it does draw a crowd,” BYU student and Park City native Josh Thorn said.

Participants dress up in fun costumes and ski or snowboard down the hill and to a 30ft pond. While some hope to make it across without landing in the crisp spring water, others go for a big splash to entertain the crowd.

“It’s fun to watch the people who actually make it across the pond,” Thorn said. “They’re often shocked if they do, and so it’s fun to see.”

BYU student Celeste Ingersoll tok part in the competition this year with friends Megan Tiritilli and Kate Hansen. She said it was the best day of her life.

“I’m putting this on my resume,” Ingersoll said.

All three girls made it down the hill and across the pond and said the 36 degree water was a great incentive to avoid making a splash.

“(The water) even just splashed inside my boots when I made it across and my feet are cold,” Tiritilli said.

First time competitor Matt Manges took a dive in the pond with an American flag draped around his neck. Despite the cold water, Manges said it was a refreshing dive.

Beyond the athletics, the costumes are another great crowd pleaser. This year costumes ranged from cows and slices of pizza, to even Beetlejuice, suit and all.

After being rescheduled last weekend for bad weather, the event took place over Easter weekend.

The event was a fun success according to contestants. “Honestly, I want to do this again,” Tiritilli said.


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