Police Beat: April 10-17



Criminal Mischief 

April 12 – Chalk graffiti was found in Brigham Square on sidewalks and planters. Custodial personnel was notified for clean up. It cost $200 to clean the chalk off.

April 10 – A BYU employee reported a broken elevator indicator light and panel. The BYU Electric Shop responded for repairs.  The cost of damages was $300.

April 10 – An officer on patrol located graffiti at the Y Trailhead restroom area. The Custodial Office was contacted for cleanup, and the cost of damages was $100.

Sex Assault

April 11 – An officer responded to a delayed report of an assault at Helaman Halls. The victim was a female student. There are two male suspects.


April 5 – A student reported a bicycle taken from the bike rack at Heritage Halls. The bike was worth $600.

April 12 – A student reported an unsecured backpack taken from the Smith Fieldhouse. An estimated $900 worth of items was taken.

April 12 – A BYU employee reported a push cart taken from the second floor of the Talmage Building. The push cart and items on it were worth $350.

 April 11 – Officers responded to a report of a female visitor with a gun in the parking lot across from the Missionary Training Center.



April 14 – A man was arrested for threatening Utah Valley Hospital employees by saying he would commit a mass shooting if his friend wasn’t transported to the hospital. When he was arrested, the man told police he was “only joking.” He was taken to jail.



April 12 – An officer stopped a car and smelled marijuana while talking to the driver. The driver gave up his stash and was cited.


April 14 – A driver involved in an accident was arrested for DUI.

April 14 – Another accident occurred on North State Street. The suspect, who was driving under the influence, hit several parked cars.


April 14 – A man stole some items from a friend and pawned them. Police are still looking for suspects.

April 14 – Two women — a mother and an adult daughter — went into Hobby Lobby. The daughter had her three children with her. The mother would take items off the shelf and hand them to her daughter, who would then hide the items in the stroller and her bag. A police officer stopped the woman with the stroller when she got to her car. The mother was cited and her adult daughter was taken to jail for previous convictions.

April 12 – Two women were stopped for shoplifting at Hobby Lobby. One of them hadn’t stolen anything, but she had three warrants for her arrest. The other woman had stolen property. Both women were found in possession of drugs. They were both taken to jail.

April 12 – A man was cited after he was caught stealing some shoes from Shopko.

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