Police Beat April 3–10



Criminal Mischief

April 4 – An officer responded to a report of chalk graffiti painted on the benches under the Bell Tower. The damages were around $50. The grounds department was contacted for cleanup.

March 30 – A visitor to BYU reported their Toyota 4Runner had been keyed. The damage was done while the car was parked in the visitor parking lot north of the Museum of Art. The damage is estimated at $300.


April 3 – A student reported a bicycle secured with a cable lock taken from the bike racks at Heritage Halls. The bicycle was worth $400.

April 3 – A student reported a secured mountain bike taken from the bike racks at Heritage Halls sometime within the last month. The bicycle is worth $450 and is listed on the national theft database.


April 2 – A student reported being intentionally hit by a vehicle and knocked to the ground. The suspect’s information is unknown, although the car was reported as being a silver Hyundai.



April 4 – A man was persuaded to purchase $30,000 of iTunes gift cards when a scam artist posing as an IRS tax collector convinced him by telephone the IRS collects taxes that way.

April 4 – A caller told a woman her sister was responsible for a traffic accident. The caller claimed he had the victim’s sister in his custody and would not release her unless the victim immediately paid $1,600. The victim’s sister was neither in an accident nor in anyone’s custody.

April 4 – A woman received a call saying her husband was the hostage of a violent gang and he would be hurt unless she immediately paid a ransom of $1,000. The victim verified that her husband was safe at work and didn’t pay the money.



April 6 – Officers responded to a report of a man assaulting a woman at University Mall. The suspect had left before officers arrived. The woman was taken to a local hospital and detectives found the suspect at his home. He was arrested.


April 6 – A woman left her wallet at a local restaurant and two women took it. A short time later, someone tried to use her credit card at Best Buy and Target. The women were caught.

April 6 – A woman was arrested after she was caught shoplifting at Hobby Lobby.


April 6 – A 16-year-old driver was arrested for DUI in the parking lot of Polaris High School. The car the suspect was driving had been reported as stolen, and the suspect was arrested for DUI.

April 3 – A man was arrested for DUI after he got into an accident at 400 South Orem Blvd.


April 3 – An officer stopped a car that had a brake light out. The driver didn’t have a valid license, so the officer tried to find a passenger with a valid license who could drive. One of the passengers volunteered and handed the officer her driver’s license. The license was not hers, although she claimed it was. The woman had a warrant for her arrest. She was also in possession of meth and other drug paraphernalia.


April 3 – A driver waved his handgun around at a driver in another car because they didn’t like the way the other was driving. An officer followed up on the case and was able to ID both drivers. The driver who waved the gun was cited.

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