BYU swim and dive: 29 Cougars receive all-academic awards

Members of the BYU swim and dive team huddle up during a meet. The MPSF honored 29 Cougars with all-academic awards. (BYU Photo)

Twenty-nine BYU swimmers and divers were named 2017 All-Academic MPSF Scholar-Athletes over the weekend.

“I’m very proud of our team’s athletic and academic achievements,” said BYU head coach John Brooks. “We have the most athletes out of all the teams in our conference that received this all-academic award.”

An athlete needed at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, needed to complete at least one full academic year at their school prior to the season for which they were recognized and needed to participate in at least 50 percent of the team’s events in order to receive the award.

The BYU swimmers and divers to receive the award are listed below, with their academic class and GPA in parentheses).

Kent Fellows (junior, 3.92)

Matt Denkers (junior, 3.91)

Jordan Tuckfield (senior, 3.88)

Seth Russell (senior, 3.78)

Rainer Ng (senior, 3.71)

Nathan Rogers (sophomore, 3.66)

Preston Jenkins (junior, 3.63)

Kevin Dreesen (senior, 3.52)

David Harlan (junior, 3.40)

Luis Ventura (junior, 3.31)

Trayton Speth (junior, 3.14)

Cameron Lindsay (sophomore, 3.10)

Allison McCormick (senior, 3.76)

Samantha Palmer (junior, 3.75)

Riley Merrill (senior, 3.71)

Natalie Bennion (junior, 3.68)

Lillian Moore (junior, 3.67)

Ellie Thornbrue (sophomore, 3.56)

Hanna Skaggs (senior, 3.55)

Anna Dahl (junior, 3.54)

Ashlee Spindler (senior, 3.38)

Emma Richards (junior, 3.34)

Keyka Lienhard (senior, 3.33)

Kelly Hatanaka (sophomore, 3.30)

Shelby Johnson (junior, 3.30)

Kenzie Hefferman (sophomore, 3.28)

Vanessa Moffatt (junior, 3.27)

Alora Foliaki (junior, 3.26)

Emily To’o (junior, 3.02)

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