BYUSA executives discuss changes to charter


BYUSA executives discuss the importance of the BYUSA charter and the process behind making changes in the charter. (Ryan Turner)

The BYUSA Charter created in 1988 explains the BYU mission, vision, organizational structure and general guidelines for events, according to BYUSA student leader executive Nathan Ward.

The charter contains its own detailed history to help students understand the vision and intent of those who first created BYUSA.

Ward said the charter is an important aspect of the program and can help other students on campus.

“It is important because it gives BYUSA clarity where they should focus their time and energy, and it helps them understand what the university needs from them as leaders,” Ward said. “When BYUSA was developed, it was determined that this document was important to give students the opportunity to serve one another through the events they plan and their leadership roles.”

Changes to the charter, as of 2017, include division of the activities section into two areas: Y-Activities and A.I.M — Arts, Interests and Music.

Some grammatical changes were also implemented to improve the document. An updated list of activities for campus organizations was also included.

The BYUSA charter changes will affect all students because BYUSA activities will provide more events every year that will be of interest to students on campus. These changes give students more opportunities to be involved, according to Ward.

To find out more information about the charter, visit the BYUSA site.

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