Similar styles bring BYU couples together


Choices in clothing, hairstyles and lifestyles can become almost identical over the course of a relationship.

While there are a variety of reasons couples go out with each other, some BYU couples said meeting someone whose fashion choices reflect their own can be a determining factor in whether or not they date.

BYU student and freelance model Tiffany Pliler said couples’ fashion can change as they get to know one another better.

“In all reality, I think that the more you get to know someone, the more you learn to like the things that they like,” Pliler said. “You are immersed in their background as well, which will change the way you do everything, including how you dress.”

BYU student Tiffany Pliler said she and her husband, Garrett, both like to keep things casual, but dress up with a “pop of color” for special occasions. (Tiffany Pliler)

BYU exercise and wellness student Ellen Frederickson and accounting student Colton Johnson have been dating for a few months. Frederickson said she noticed their complementary clothing choices on the very first date.

“On our first date. we went to the temple, and I told him, ‘Wow, we look like a really good looking couple,'” Frederickson said. “He was wearing a really nice navy suit, and I was wearing this really pretty red pencil skirt. And I thought we looked good even though we hadn’t really started dating yet.”

Having complementary style choices can be an indication that hobbies and lifestyle are complementary as well, according to BYU psychology student Katelyn Hamilton. She said couples who dress similarly to begin with are more likely to have other things in common.

“I think (some couples) get together because of similar lifestyles … which probably reflects in their clothing style,” Hamilton said. “It’s different for everyone, but you might be two different people, but once you spend a lot of time together, you start to mesh.”

Similar style choices might also indicate how similar two people’s personalities might be, and how they might get along, according to Pliler.

“I definitely think that a person’s style can tell you a lot about them,” Pliler said. “(My husband and I) are very similar people in our lifestyles and hobbies, and that definitely translated over into how similar in style we are.”

Frederickson said it’s important both people in the relationship have the same definitions of dressing up and being casual.

“We both know how to dress up, and we both know how to dress down,” Frederickson said. “(We both) wear things that fit us correctly and look nice, but we also like to be comfortable.”

Pliler said she and her husband are pretty casual, but know when they need to dress more formal. She also said marriage can have a big impact on how couples dress because of the change of lifestyle and for practicality reasons.

“We can get dressy when we need to, but we always keep it simple and classy for the most part,” Pliler said. “Being married is definitely busier than being single, and let’s face it — we aren’t really trying to impress anyone but each other, so we both love things that are easy, fast and go with everything. … Our closet is mostly black and white now.”

Johnson said he isn’t as into fashion and trends as his girlfriend, and that comfort is his first priority. But he said he has learned how to make sure things match and look presentable.

“I dress for practicality,” Johnson said. “It’s more about what’s comfortable than what looks good. I dress for the weather. I take those type of things into account more than just looking good, but I do try to match.”

Hamilton isn’t currently in a relationship, but has noticed becoming more comfortable around someone can influence a person’s dress.

“I think people become more comfortable with each other,” Hamilton said. “Once you get to know more about what they like and what you like, your personalities start to mesh, and you kind of formulate the same sort of style.”

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