BYU adds new registration cart feature

The registration cart feature is now available for Fall 2017 Registration. The feature allows students to submit a cart of class options up until 6 p.m. MST before their priority registration date, and any available classes from the cart will be added automatically from 6 p.m. to midnight. (

BYU has added a new registration cart feature to MyMap for Fall 2017 registration.

The registration cart allows students to add class sections ahead of time, instead of waiting to search through and add classes one-by-one at their scheduled registration time.

The cart automatically adds classes from the cart to students’ schedules between 6 p.m. MT and midnight MST on their priority registration dates. Classes are added in random order.

“The logic behind this randomness is that it mimics the same randomness that would exist after midnight anyway,” according to the Registration Cart website.

Junior Michaela Billat said the previous registration system made her feel like she was in a big game where she had to race to get all the classes she needed.

“Personally, I hate this because it’s extremely stressful, and it always seems to crash,” Billat said.

Student Zac Ence also experienced frustration from registering through the old system.

“There have been times when I waited up late to register, just to have the site crash on me, forcing me to wait until there is less traffic on the website,” Ence said.

The new system may experience glitches because it’s still in production, but “it is to your advantage to still use the cart, even if there may be some hiccups,” according to the Registration Cart website.

“I’ve already started using it for spring and some fall classes,” Millat said. “It’s just easier for me to organize what I want for my classes and to navigate.”

Students must submit their carts by the 6 p.m. MST the day before their priority registration dates for the feature to work.

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