Provo food truck roundup returns

(Michaela Proctor)
The Mama-Lau truck comes out for its second food truck roundup season in Provo. (Michaela Proctor)

The Provo food truck roundup at The Startup Building is back in full swing as the weather gets warmer and the semester nears its end.

BYU nursing major Lexi Daniels said the roundup may not be known to everyone, but has a great environment for both families and students.

“I like that you can come with a bunch of friends, and you can all get what you want and try different things,” Daniels said.

One newer truck that appeared at the end of the season last year and is back at the roundup this year is Mama-Lau, an Argentinian empanada truck. Mama-Lau truck owner Pablo Montes got a masters from the BYU Marriott School and began selling empanadas last year.

“(A food truck) is not less money than a restaurant, but with the mobility you can investigate the market more. It’s a good approach,” Montes said.

Montes said the transient style of a food truck allows him to see where his business is most successful to determine where he will eventually open a store of his own.

Another food truck Fiore, sells wood-fired pizza at the roundup. Pizza chef Zakk Beckett said the food truck roundup creates a unique environment and community.

Michaela Proctor
Food truck owners say the number of food trucks at the roundup will continue to grow as the weather gets warmer. (Michaela Proctor)

“People bring what they have to the table, and it makes for a unique variety,” Beckett said.

BYU alumna Alyssa Adair said this variety is what keeps her coming back to the roundup.

“It’s a curse and a blessing because there are so many options, but I like how you can come without knowing what you want and then you can decide when you get here,” Adair said.

The food truck roundup is every Thursday evening from 6-9 p.m. at the Startup Building parking lot 560 S. 100 West. The roundup will go through December.

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