BYUSA Clubs Showcase features unique campus clubs

BYU students Lydia Breksa and Matthew Harris practice during Fencing Club every Tuesday night in the Wilkinson Student Center. The Fencing Club will be one of the many clubs featured at the Club Showcase this upcoming Tuesday. (BYUSA Photo)

This year’s annual Clubs Showcase will feature many of BYU’s unique clubs. Students are invited to come to the free event on March 14 in the Wilkinson Student Center Ballroom.

BYUSA clubs executive director Annie Robertson said the TRON theme this year will focus on the slogan “Remember Me for Centuries.”

“The important thing about the showcase is that it’s to show who these clubs are.” Robertson said. “It’s their big promotional night, so we want people to remember them, and it’s their chance to make a stand.”

Robertson said the first part of the night will feature a big talent show to highlight the different skills and accomplishments of each club. Each club will then set up booths in the WSC Ballroom, to educate students about the clubs. The food and decorations will be centered around a TRON theme.

“Our goal is to make our clubs feel like superstars, and make sure they feel like they are noticed and that people appreciate what they are doing,” Robertson said.

A Cappella Club, Karate Club, Fencing Club and Dance Club are among the many clubs that will be featured.

BYUSA clubs coordinator Darren Hinton said the team of volunteers for the event are working tirelessly to make it a fun, exciting and free night for all who attend. He said each club is busy preparing for the performances showcased on Tuesday.

“The Clubs Showcase is a unique opportunity to experience the talents of many different clubs in one evening, all while enjoying great food, laser tag and a black light dance with DJ Cooper Brown,” Hilton said.

The mission of BYUSA Clubs is to help students make connections through the clubs offered at BYU. These clubs allow students to express their passions, grow personally, feel included and feel needed and important, according to the BYUSA Clubs mission.

“I truly believe that all students can benefit from involvement in a club and each club needs the talents and perspectives each individual student has to offer,” Hilton said.

Student leadership coordinator Angela Blomquist said being in a campus club allows students to experience college outside of the classroom.

“Getting involved in a club is an opportunity for students to enhance their BYU experience by engaging in activities with other students that share similar interests,” Blomquist said.

Molecular biology student Ally Biggs, a program director for the Clubs Showcase, said this event encourages all students to attend.

“It’s a super awesome way to get exposure to different clubs and see what some of these awesome clubs are all about,” Briggs said.

The Clubs Showcase will be held on Tuesday, March 14 in the Wilkinson Student Center Ballroom at 7 p.m.

The BYUSA Clubs Showcase will highlight a variety of different clubs that BYU has to offer on campus. (BYU Campus Life Design)
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