Makeup trends warm up with spring

Ari Davis
BYU student Morgan Nadauld applies makeup. Nadauld said she adjusts the color of her lipstick to the season. (Ari Davis)

Makeup trends are warming up with the approaching warmer spring weather. Area makeup gurus provide a variety of easy ways to switch up makeup routines for a fresh spring look.

Makeup artist at Chanel located in City Creek Center Daniela Lopez said one way to switch up makeup for spring is changing lip color. Lopez said winter trends use darker colors, but as the weather changes, so do the colors of makeup.

“Darker lips, matte colors, deeper tones and glitter are commonly seen around the winter season,” Lopez said. “More natural looks are common during the spring and summer. The main thing you want to change throughout each season is the color of your lips.”

BYU human development major Morgan Nadauld said she loves makeup and enjoys switching up looks between the seasons.

“My makeup routine stays fairly similar throughout each season, but I switch up colors and tones to make each look appropriate for the time of year,” Nadauld said.

Nadauld said she agrees with Lopez and adjusts her makeup routine for each season by switching the color of her lipstick. She said that difference can easily change her overall appearance.

Nadauld said she found a love for makeup through makeup artist videos on both YouTube and Instagram. To her, these beauty gurus are major influencers not only because of their capability of doing makeup, but their ability to project their talent to many people and help them improve their beauty routines.

Ari Davis
Morgan Nadauld said she likes to switch up her lipstick choices depending on the season. (Ari Davis)

Another makeup trend making an appearance in spring is strobing, according to Lopez.

Lopez said contouring has been a common trend for a while now, but it is slowly fading out. A new technique called strobing is becoming more popular. It’s all about having a dewy, shimmery and more natural complexion, according to Lopez.

“Strobing is about getting the perfect, dewy glow,” Lopez said. “After you find the right highlighter for your skin tone, you apply highlighter in places that catch light like your cheekbones, temples, corner of your eyes, above your lip or the bridge of your nose. Then you blend with your fingertips or a brush.”

Local esthetician Rielly Legge also said another spring trend is microblading. She said microblading eyebrows will be huge in 2017.

Baylee Relf
Microblading adds a semi-permanent pigment to eyebrows. (Baylee Relf)

“Microblading is a semi-permanent pigment that goes under your skin,” Legge said. “You use a bladed, hand-held tool to create hair strokes in your eyebrows, and it can last up to three years. It looks natural since you are creating the hair strokes yourself versus coloring them in with a pencil or gel.”

Legge said she finds inspiration for beauty and makeup from social media just like Nadauld. Legge follows famous make up artists and tries to mimic their looks while tweaking a few things to make it more her style.

Legge, alongside Lopez and Nadauld, said her one major change each season is her lipstick. She said she has specific colors for each season that help her change her look; like using pink colors in the spring and summer, and darker reds in the fall and winter.

Nadauld said simple tips and trends can be applied for a more conservative style as well as a fashion-forward look to revamp a makeup routine.

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