Police Beat: Feb. 27-March 6




Feb. 28 – A male student reported an unknown individual using his student Signature Card at Helaman Halls.


Feb. 22 – A student reported a $1,500 bicycle secured with a cable lock taken from the bike racks at Heritage Halls.

Feb. 23 – A student reported a backpack taken from the track area at the Smith Fieldhouse. The backpack and items inside are worth $1,400.



March 2 – A man escaped from Adult Probation and Parole agents. Provost Elementary School went into soft lockdown mode for a short time while officers assisted agents in a search. Officers arrested the fugitive after he happened to run into a crowd of 30 SWAT officers and three K9 units training in the area.

Violence against officers

Feb. 18 – Four officers were near 400 W. 300 South conducting a theft investigation. The officers did not know that a nearby man was pointing a gun at them from inside a residence and transmitting death threats against police on social media. Multiple citizens saw the death threats on Snapchat and called the Provo Police Department. Officers found and arrested the man. He was booked into jail for theft, threat of violence and possession of a weapon by a restricted person.



March 4 – A man became upset at the way a woman in the car next to him was driving, got out of his car and pounded on the woman’s windshield. The man was arrested.


March 4 – A man was arrested for DUI after he was found passed out in his car at Maverik on 1200 West.


Feb. 27 – A man went into a local pawn shop to pawn a Blu-Ray player and some DVDs. He then stole a pair of headphones from the pawn shop. Officers say they know who the man is because he had to provide a valid ID to pawn the items. He had not yet been arrested.

Feb. 27 – A woman was stopped and cited after she was caught shoplifting at Hobby Lobby.

Feb. 27 – Two juveniles were stopped for shoplifting from Barnes and Noble.

Feb. 27 – Officers recovered a stolen BMW near 150 N. 1200 West. The car was stolen from Provo.

Feb. 27 – A woman was arrested after she was seen shoplifting from Target on its video surveillance system.

Feb. 27 – A juvenile was cited after he was caught shoplifting at University Mall.


Feb. 27 – A woman called a local pharmacy and pretended to be a nurse who wanted to fill a prescription. She was arrested and taken to jail for trying to fraudulently fill the prescriptions for herself.


Feb. 27 – A man exchanged some photos with someone he met online. The person he sent the photos to is trying to blackmail him by threatening to distribute the photos.

Suspicious activity

Feb. 27 – A man reported seeing a car pull up near his house in the middle of the night with four people getting out and going in different directions. One of the people went near the man’s truck in his driveway. Officers waited nearby for the car to leave and stopped it. Officers found out one of the men in the car had a warrant out for his arrest, and there was stolen property inside the car. Two men were taken to jail, and two juveniles were released to their parents.

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