The Startup Building begins renovations on new hub

The Startup Building manager and Bright Building part-owner Anders Taylor looks over the floor plans for the new building during renovations. The Bright Building will include large studio space, offices and community event space. (Benjamin Steele)

As The Startup Building becomes a popular spot for Utah Valley entrepreneurs, the building’s owners are beginning renovations on a new property called The Bright Building located just a few blocks away on the corner of University Avenue and 400 South. 

“So many people around here are doing stuff with YouTube or commercial work,” Startup Building manager Anders Taylor said. “So many little media companies, and it’s such a strong community. We’re hoping that The Bright Building can be a central spot, a hub.”

Taylor, his father and a group of local investors already have a list of popular YouTubers, sound engineers, visual effects companies and video production companies ready to move in. The Harmon Brothers, who are famous for their SquattyPotty, VidAngel, Chatbooks and Fiberfix videos also plan to move into The Bright Building.

“The concept is that if you can colocate a bunch of these companies that work together already, that they’ll build a stronger community,” Taylor said. “Hopefully being in the same location, having that strong community and seeing each other everyday will help boost everyone’s business by collaborating.”

BYU graduate and founder of MetaPipe Ethan Estrada said, “The Startup Building ended up being the perfect solution,” Estrada said. “Their excellent co-working space was affordable to rent with flexible month-to-month payments, and has the sort of atmosphere needed for doing business.”

Many other companies including DevMountain, Devin Supertramp, and Scan have also called The Startup Building home. Taylor and the Provo Economic Department hope to continue to see The Startup Building grow and that the new Bright Building can fill an equally beneficial need in the Utah Valley business community.

“The Startup Building has brought a vibrancy to an area of South Provo that was previously very blighted,” Provo City Business Development Coordinator Allison Lew said. “The Bright Building is another project that the Taylor family is working on as an addition to the existing startup district. Our team is excited to see what collaborations and community emerge from the space.”

Taylor and his team hope the new building will be finished by mid-summer. .

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