BYU Marriott School Student Council spreads love with 3,500 hearts for Valentine’s Day



Students are in for a Valentine’s Day surprise when they walk into the Tanner Building today. Members of the BYU Marriott School Student Council decorated the interior of the building with 3,500 paper hearts, including a crafty chandelier that spans four floors.

Volunteers have been planning this “heart attack” since mid-January, according to council member James Pickard. The student council began teasing the event on Instagram nine days ago, with mysterious captions accompanying each photo. About 40 students stayed in the Tanner Building until 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning in order to finish the pre-Valentine’s Day preparations.

Pickard said the end goal of this event is to make all students aware of the “happenings” at the Marriott School and the school’s social media.

“We wanted to do something big, capture people’s attention,” Pickard said. “We wanted them to know about the Marriott School.”

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