Brigham Awards recipients go above and beyond expectations

President Worthen presents Brigham Award to recipient Julie Haupt for her outstanding community service last year. (Savanna Sorensen)

The Brigham Awards presents community members the opportunity to be awarded for their excellent service for going above and beyond what is expected .

Students at BYU are able to gain an education and serve those around them, as stated in the schools’ theme, “Enter to learn, go forth to serve.” The Brigham Awards gives students and staff an opportunity to recognize those who have gone far out of their way to serve through.

Brigham Awards are different than other awards given throughout the community because the receivers are anonymously selected. The awards are given to those who have an impressive resume of community service, and qualities that are service-orientated.

One of the 2016 recipients Julie Haupt was given the award because of her community service to the people in China and the U.S. Haupt is an adjunct professor at BYU for the School of Family Life and decided to start a non-profit organization 10 years ago called “Celebrating Children: U.S. and China.”

The organization has worked with 550 Chinese and U.S. performing art students to put on 50 performances over the past 10 years. Chinese students will come over to the U.S. and put on a performing arts show for the community while attending school and living with hosts families, and vice versa.

“Receiving the Brigham Awards was a delightful experience for me because it was a wonderful way for me to celebrate so many hearts and hands that have joined over the years to make this happen,” Haupt said.

Vice President of BYUSA Communications Dillion Ostlund said his team got involved with the event because of the amazing opportunity to meet these people.

“The volunteers have been coming back for the past two to three years because they love the opportunity to serve so much,” Ostlund said.

The Brigham Awards are given by BYUSA once a year to five recipients, whether they are students, faculty or staff, as a way to recognize their outstanding service. Recipients are honored at a banquet with President Worthen, where they will receive their award.

BYUSA program director Summer Anderson said she loves helping with the Brigham Awards. Anderson said it is a wonderful opportunity to meet amazing Christlike people.

“Oftentimes we forget how many amazing people are around us here at BYU, and the Brigham Awards remind us that there are so many individuals serving, uplifting, and edifying those around them every single day,” Anderson said.

BYUSA will be accepting nominees until Feb. 10. More information about the awards and how to submit a nominee can be found on the BYUSA website. The Brigham awards will be given on April 18.


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