Police Beat: Jan. 23-30




Jan. 19 – A student reported an iPhone taken from the Harris Fine Arts Center. The phone is estimated to be worth $600.

Jan. 23 – An employee reported an unsecured Samsung computer tablet taken from the Missionary Training Center.  The tablet is worth about $250.

Criminal Mischief

Jan. 20 – A BYU custodian reported graffiti with sidewalk chalk in the south breezeway of the Joseph F. Smith Building. Custodial was contacted for cleanup. The damage was estimated to be about $20.


Jan. 20 – Two BYU employees reported seeing individuals in a closed area at the Life Sciences Building. There were footprints in the snow and video surveillance of the trespassing.


Sexual Assault

Jan. 25 – A man was arrested on suspicion of physically and sexually assaulting an underage girl. He was taken to prison.


Warrant Arrests

Jan. 25 – An Orem police officer found a man at a local laundromat who had four warrants out for his arrest. The man was arrested and found to have bath salts, drug paraphernalia and three stolen credit cards in his possession.

Jan. 25 – An officer stopped to talk to a man and discovered the man had two warrants out for his arrest. The man was arrested and taken to prison.

Jan. 25 – An officer responded to a family fight between a brother and sister. The sister had a warrant out for her arrest and was arrested on the spot.

Jan. 25 – Officers responded to a call from a Costco employee about a man and a woman hanging out in the parking lot asking for a ride. Both of them had warrants out for their arrest.

Jan. 25 – An officer responded to a report of a suspicious man walking around homes near 200 N. 700 East. The officer followed the man’s tracks in the snow to a home. He knocked on the door and the man that answered was the man who had been walking around. The man lied about his name to hide that he had seven no-bail warrants out for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to prison.


Jan. 24 – A woman buying a car online sent $2,000 to a seller through green dot cards. The sale was a scam.

Drug Paraphernalia

Jan. 24 – An officer stopped a car because its headlight was out. When the officer talked to the driver, he smelled marijuana. The officer confiscated the marijuana and gave the driver a ticket.

Jan. 24 – An officer stopped a man riding a bike. After talking to the man, the officer discovered there were several warrants out for his arrest. The officer found meth, marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the man’s possession. He was arrested and taken to prison.


Jan. 24 – Officers responded to a family fight between a husband and wife. During the argument, the wife tried to leave and the husband wanted to hug instead. The wife punched her husband. When officers got there, the two were separated and the situation cooled down.

Criminal Mischief

Jan. 24 – An officer saw a man riding his bike down the middle of State Street. The man’s bike did not have any lights on it. The police officer stopped the man to keep him from getting run over. The man tried to flee on foot, but turned and yelled over his shoulder, “See ya.” As the man ran away, he slipped on a patch of ice. The man was arrested and taken to the prison.

Sexual Assault

Jan. 24 – Officers responded to a report of a man who had reportedly approached and sexually assaulted a woman. Before officers arrived, two men chased the suspect off. As officers were looking for the suspect, another woman flagged the officers down and reported the same thing had happened to her. The suspect was found in a movie theater and arrested. Officers found that he was tied to several other sex offense cases. He was booked into prison and charged with forcible sex abuse, sexual battery and two counts of burglary. He is currently being held on a $40,000 bail.

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