Police Beat: Jan. 16–23




Jan. 17 – A female in the Talmage Math Sciences/Computer Building reported a computer account had been compromised via a phishing scam on her email.


Jan. 17 – A male reported that a secured bicycle by the Talmage Math Sciences/Computer Building was taken over the holiday break.  The bicycle is estimated to be worth $200.

Jan. 18 – A male reported leaving a set of headphones in the Harris Fine Arts Center. When he returned for them, he found that they had been taken. The headphones are estimated to be worth $350.

Jan. 18 – A male reported the theft of several textbooks from the BYU Store. Another male was cited for the theft. It is estimated that $260 worth of textbooks were stolen.


Drug paraphernalia

Jan. 18 – A man reported a house guest stole a handgun, a Rolex watch and about $2,000 in cash. A Utah County deputy went to follow up with the man and smelled marijuana. After obtaining a search warrant, the deputy searched the man’s apartment and reported finding 5 pounds of gummy bears infused with THC, the psychoactive chemical commonly cooked out of marijuana. The marijuana candy had a street value of $2,340. The man was booked into the Utah County Jail.


Drug Paraphernalia 

Jan. 16 – Police officers responded to a report of man that was passed out in the bathroom of a local business. They talked to the man and found out that he had been huffing. The man was cited.

Jan. 16 – While at the same business from the incident above, an officer was talking to a female customer when he smelled marijuana. He talked to the woman about the smell and she handed over her marijuana. The woman was cited.

Jan. 16 – A police officer responded to a report of a man passed out in his car. As the officer talked to the driver, he smelled marijuana. After searching the man’s car, the officer found meth, heroin and drug paraphernalia. The man was booked into jail.

Jan. 16 – An officer saw a man loitering near a storage unit and went to talk to him. There was a warrant out for the man’s arrest. When the officer searched the man, she found meth and Valium.

Criminal mischief/Drug paraphernalia

Jan. 16 – Officers responded to a report of a man who was under the influence of drugs and threatening his family with a weapon. The man took off before officers arrived. The police set up containment in the area, called in the Department of Public Safety helicopter and later found the man near 1100 W. 400 S. He was arrested and officers are conducting some follow-up.


Jan. 16 – Officers recovered a stolen car at Walmart in Orem. The car, which had been stolen from Murray, was returned to its owner.

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