Police Beat: Nov. 20 – Dec. 5




Nov. 21 — A secured bicycle parked in the covered bike racks at the Life Science Building was stolen.

Nov. 22 — A headlight and pump were stolen from a female student’s bike parked at Wyview over Thanksgiving break. Estimated cost is $80.

Nov. 22 — A male student’s unlocked Honda Civic was broken into at Wyview. The suspect stole his wallet, hand tools and several bags of candy totaling a loss of around $210. 

Nov. 23 — The rear passenger window of a male student’s car parked at Wyview was broken, and an army rucksack was stolen. Damages and stolen items totaled to $350.

Nov. 25 — Police responded to a student’s report of a stolen vehicle. They later learned his roommate had borrowed it.

Nov. 26 — Security staff returned a purse to a woman who had lost it during halftime at the USU vs. BYU game. She had left it unattended and it had been turned in to the lost and found.

Nov. 29 — A male student’s $400 trek bike was stolen from Heritage Halls.


Nov. 21 – The restroom area at the Y trailhead was graffitied. The grounds department was contacted for cleanup.


Nov. 26 — Officers were contacted after a male BYU fan at the USU vs. BYU game was making inappropriate and rude gestures and comments to a female BYU fan. The suspect was escorted from the stadium by officers.

Nov. 28 — A man was reported to University Police after he threw snowballs at a student leaving the library. When confronted, the suspect explained he was from California and was excited because he hadn’t been in snow before. He apologized and stopped when police explained to him it is inappropriate to throw snowballs at random citizens.

Nov. 29 — A female reported her ex-husband stalking her after he sent her texts and a video clip of her leaving an area on campus. She was referred to the police in the area she lives.


Nov. 23 — Provo police arrested an 18-year-old accused of killing a homeless man whose body was found at a transit camp near the railroad tracks in south Provo. When police arrested the suspect, they found a hatchet matching the details of one at the scene of the crime. He was charged with aggravated homicide.
Nov. 24 — Utah County detectives arrested a man for the death of a man from Mt. Pleasant, who was killed with blunt force trauma and found with stab wounds. Detectives confiscated the suspect’s phone, which contained pictures of the victim digging the shallow grave he was found in.
Dec. 1 — A man was charged with automobile homicide after he killed a woman in a head-on collision near Provo Canyon. The suspect was reported as smelling like alcohol at the time of the accident.
Nov. 26 — A northbound motorcycle collided with a southbound vehicle on South State Street. The vehicle turned left, and the motorcycle was unable to to stop in time. The motorcyclist died, and the driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver is expected to recover.
Nov. 20 — Provo police are searching for a man who stole a debit card from a blind, elderly woman living in a trailer park.
Criminal Mischief
Nov. 29 — Provo police arrested a man who was sending sexual messages to what he thought was a 13-year-old girl, and was actually an undercover investigator. The suspect arranged a meeting with the “girl,” and was met by police instead.


Nov. 21 — Two women were caught shoplifting from the Orem Hobby Lobby. One was arrested and taken to the police station; the other was cited.
Nov. 21 — Orem police responded to the report of a stolen vehicle. A man and woman were found sitting inside the vehicle. When confronted, the couple took off. Police arrested the woman, who was found a few blocks away, and were able to ID the male suspect.
Nov. 21 — Police were able to identify a woman who stole a coat from Target. Police gave her a ticket and she brought the coat back to the store.
Nov. 21 — A man was arrested at McDonald’s after he was found in possession of meth, heroin and stolen credit cards.
Nov. 26 — Orem police found video surveillance of who they call their “Holiday Grinch,” a man who steals packages from front porches. They released a picture of him from the surveillance camera and are asking for the public’s help to identify him.

Nov. 28 — A couple tried to push a full cart out of Smith’s without paying for it. When stopped, the couple left the cart and took off on foot.

Nov. 28 — A stolen car was returned to its owners after it was sighted at Applebee’s.

Nov. 21 — A man was arrested for DUI after he was found sitting in his car which was parked in the middle of the road.
Nov. 21 — A man was arrested for DUI after he was found driving under the influence of illegal drugs.
Criminal mischief
Nov. 21 — A police officer saw a man walking down Main Street in Orem at 3 a.m. wearing no pants or underwear. Police say his reasoning “didn’t make much sense,” so he was ticketed for lewdness and given a ride home.
Nov. 21 — Police successfully identified a woman who left her purse last week at Ridley’s while shoplifting. When a police officer showed up at her house to arrest her, he overheard her and others speaking in the garage implying the use of illegal drugs. After obtaining a search warrant, the police were able to arrest the suspect and hand out multiple tickets after finding meth, heroin and large amounts of other drug paraphernalia in their possession.

Nov. 28 — A 16-year-old female contacted Uber at 3 a.m. to take her to a male’s house in Provo without her parents permission. Orem police were contacted to take her home after the man learned that she was only 16.

Nov. 29 — Officers responded to nearly 40 car accidents within four hours after heavy snowfall and ice formed on the roads.

Dec. 1 — Officers cited a woman after she left the scene of an accident near Center Street.

Dec. 4 — A man spotted a drone near his bathroom window and followed it until it touched down. Police were contacted and believe the suspect has multiple videos of people in their private bedrooms and bathrooms.

Drug Paraphernalia 

Nov. 28 — An officer smelled marijuana after pulling a man over for speeding. He then discovered that the suspect had a felony warrant, no insurance, a stash of weed and meth, and a revoked driver’s license.

Nov. 28 — A car was pulled over for having expired license plates. While talking to the driver, the officer could smell weed. After confiscating it, the driver explained it didn’t belong to him, but belonged to his friend who wasn’t with him at the time.

Nov. 28 — A man was caught shoplifting at Wal-Mart. He was taken to the police station after he was also found in possession of heroin and pills.

Dec. 1 — A man was reported to be huffing Dust-Off at a business. When the officer got there, the man had left and was found nearly passed out at another business. He was cited after being medically cleared.

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