Best of Police Beat 2016



Jan. 26 — A male student reported his car as stolen from the parking lot north of the Marriott Center. While talking to a police officer, he realized he might have parked in the lot east of Brick Oven. He found his car there.

March 26 — Police contacted the grounds crew about a manhole cover, by Hinckley Hall in Helaman Halls, that was missing. Police were unable to discover the location of the missing cover. The grounds crew brought and installed a new one.

April 19 — A student went to get his bike from the JKB east bike rack. His bike was still locked, but found his seat was missing. He was able to locate it in the nearby bushes, but his $100 tool kit had been stolen.

June 7 — A male reported that someone had gone through his unlocked car during the night. Despite having more valuable items in the car, only a dollar in change was taken.

June 22 — Sometime in the past month a male student’s $400 tandem bike, locked with a U-lock, was stolen from the bike racks by Building 7 in Heritage Halls.

Property damage

April 6 — A tree the grounds crew had been attempting to plant fell off the front-end loader and onto a car. The car received minor damage.

April 12 — The center console of one of BYU’s golf carts was found ripped off. Police believe someone attempted to hot-wire it and failed.

Sept. 6 – A “U” was written with magic marker in a restroom of the LaVell Edwards Stadium over the rivalry weekend.

Sept. 26 – A female in Helaman Halls reported the air conditioning in her car had been filled with perfume, and her Hillary Clinton bumper sticker had been taken off and replaced with a Donald Trump sticker. She previously spotted strangers surrounding the car when the horn went off. University Police officers are now patrolling the area.

Oct. 24 — A man’s white truck was keyed at the Y trailhead. Cameras showed the suspect attempting to open the truck door with a screw, then keying it out of frustration. The case is still under active investigation.

Suspicious activity

Jan. 14 — A person wearing dark clothing was seen testing the doors for the Wymount Terrace Multi-Purpose Building. When officers arrived they found the person was a BYU housing employee making sure the doors were locked.

Feb. 18 — Someone called University Police to report a suspicious person distributing fliers south of the Harris Fine Arts Center. Police discovered the fliers were for a BYU housing event.

March 21 — A female told the police about a possible pipe bomb on the fourth floor of the Joseph F. Smith Building. Police arrived to investigate and, after they evacuated the floor, found out that the PVC pipe capped on both ends was actually part of a scavenger hunt.

March 28 — Police received a call about a suspicious male in the Harris Fine Arts Center. The male, not affiliated with BYU, was just looking for a place to practice the piano.

March 31 — A person reported a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot. Officers responded and found a couple making out.

April 1 — A student reported a suspicious male outside Building 26 in Heritage Halls. Police responded and identified the male. The male, not affiliated with BYU, was waiting for a date who didn’t show.

May 25 – Around 6 p.m. an individual received what they believed to be a suspicious phone call about their account information. Police obtained information about the caller and confirmed the incoming call was legitimate. The call was from a radio station asking for donations.

June 4 — Someone heard firework sounds after they saw a person stick a hand out of the sunroof of a car. Police do not believe a crime was committed.

Missing child

March 7 — A child was reported missing from Wymount Terrace. Police responded and found the child inside the family’s home.

Disorderly conduct

Feb. 5 — University Police made contact with a person being towed behind a car on a sled at 1 a.m. The police informed the group it was illegal. Thirty minutes later, police made contact with a different group towing a snowboarder behind a vehicle and also informed them it was illegal.

Feb. 10 — At Wyview Park, a person reported that an upstairs neighbor was working out and doing some sort of jumping, which was disturbing the resident below.

Feb. 18 — A bearded student tried to attend class at University Parkway Center, but the teacher told him to leave because of the Honor Code violation. The student refused to leave the building and police were called. Police told the student how to get approval for his beard and he left.

June 17 — A boy was playing ping-pong in the Wilkinson Student Center when he noticed a friend making crude gestures at some girls. He punched his friend in the face. No further violence occurred and the boys were disciplined by their camp counselors.


April 19 — Three male BYU students were seen climbing up the scaffolding at the bell tower at 1 a.m. They were cited for trespassing.

May 21 – Around 2:30 p.m. an officer responded to a report of a male student trespassing in LaVell Edwards Stadium. The student was located in the parking lot. The student was running the stairs for fitness. The officer gave him a warning.

July 15 — A couple was getting their engagement pictures taken on the LaVell Edwards Stadium field and triggered the alarm. Police responded and found out the couple had permission to take pictures there.

Oct. 29 — Two people were caught climbing on a crane at the MTC construction site by a student security officer. The male and female were arrested and charged with trespassing. University Police said climbing on the crane is extremely dangerous.

Criminal mischief

May 7 – At 10:30 p.m. other graffiti incidents were reported in the Harris Fine Arts Center bathroom stalls encouraging bathroom users to “follow the white rabbit” and asking theoretical questions about the facsimiles in Abraham. BYU Custodial was contacted to remove the graffiti. An earlier account around 8 a.m. was reported in the law school restrooms.

Sept. 27 – A male student was reported stalking a female after he repeatedly sent her unwanted letters while she was out of state. He continued to send her letters even after she told him via text that she did not want any more sent to her. University officers made contact with the male and gave him a no-contact letter, which he agreed to comply with.

Oct. 27 — Police were contacted after a driver tapped a pedestrian with their car while crossing the street. The pedestrian responded by pounding his fist on the hood of the car.

Nov. 14 – An individual lit a paper mache item on fire in Helaman Halls, causing the paper to burn and melt onto the carpet. The custodial crew was contacted for cleanup and repair.

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