Police Beat: Nov. 14–21


BYU Campus


Nov. 14 – A bike with a cable lock was taken from the bike racks at the Joseph F. Smith Building.

Nov. 15 – Items in the LaVell Edwards Stadium parking lot were taken from an unlocked car.

Nov. 16 – An officer located a stolen bicycle with a cut cable lock after its owner at Helaman Halls reported it missing.

Nov. 16 – An unsecured bicycle was taken from the bike racks at the Tanner Building.

Nov. 16 – A bike was taken from Heritage Halls and has been entered on the national stolen article database.

Nov. 15 – University Police received a report that an individual had posted a fraudulent listing on the internet requesting money to be sent to another county.

Criminal Mischief

Nov. 14 – An individual lit a paper mache item on fire in Helaman Halls, causing the paper to burn and melt onto the carpet. The custodial crew was contacted for cleanup and repair.

Nov. 14 – An individual reported being harassed at the Wilkinson Student Center.


Animal Cruelty 

Nov. 17 – Provo police arrested a man for cruelty to animals after finding a kitten on fire in a gutter. A neighbor reported finding dead kittens near the man’s location once and seeing him roughly handling other animals. Police charged the man with torture of a companion animal, animal cruelty and a misdemeanor drug charge.


Nov. 20 – Witnesses stated a vehicle was traveling north near Provo Canyon at extreme speed when it drifted into oncoming traffic and collided with another car at 6000 N University Ave. The driver of the northbound car was taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during the accident, and the driver who was hit was reported dead at the scene.



Nov. 14 – Orem police caught a woman attempting to steal Christmas lights and decorations.

Nov. 14 – A shoplifter left her purse and heroin behind at Ridley’s Family Market after fleeing in a Jeep Cherokee.

Nov. 14 – A Shopko employee was cited for theft after eating some snack food while working.

Nov. 14 – A woman was arrested for shoplifting from WinCo.

Drug Paraphernalia 

Nov. 14 – An officer smelled drugs in a car after pulling the car over for speeding. He confiscated cannabis pipes the driver said were medicinal, and the driver and passengers were cited.

Nov. 14 – An officer stopped a man who had an outstanding warrant. The man said he had paperwork at his apartment showing the warrant was no longer an issue. The officer came with the man to his apartment and saw various drug paraphernalia sitting out. The officer then grabbed the paraphernalia, obtained a search warrant and found more heroin and meth there.

Criminal Mischief 

Nov. 14 – Four people picked up an acquaintance who immediately began to fumble around his jacket. The person in the back seat asked what he was doing, and the man pulled out and dropped a .357 revolver. The gun went off when he went to pick it up, sending a bullet through his leg and the leg of a woman sitting next to him, which then lodged itself into her other leg. The man then turned the gun on the driver and told him to drive to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital, everyone except the shooter got out of the car, which he promptly took off in. Police found him soon afterward at a friend’s house and took him to the hospital. The man was charged with several felonies. He and the female are expected to fully recover.

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