Police Beat: Nov. 7 – 14




Nov. 8 – Four cars at Wyview had their windows shattered by an unknown suspect. No property was stolen from any of the cars. The estimated cost of the windows is $300 each.

Nov. 9 – A male student in Helaman Halls was caught on camera forcing the doors of an elevator to shut, which made the elevator shut down. The student apologized and received a warning from University Police. Repairs cost $150.


Nov. 8 – A female student’s wallet reappeared in her desk drawer after being stolen a week earlier. Cash and three gift cards worth $95 were taken from the wallet when she found it.

Nov. 8 – A female student’s bike parked by the Spencer W. Kimball Tower was reported stolen. The bike is estimated to be worth about $500.


Criminal Mischief

Nov. 7 – A woman was hit and killed by the FrontRunner going no faster than 30 mph. Police have determined the case a suicide.

Nov. 11 – A 53-year-old man was hit by a car on University Avenue and 300 South. The car fled the scene. The man is still in the hospital in critical condition.



Nov. 8 – A man and a woman wearing BYU sweatshirts were caught on security tape leaving Smith’s with a grocery cart full of unpaid items. When confronted, the couple ran. Police are now searching for the suspects.

Nov. 13 – Police found a stolen car and arrested the two individuals who stole the vehicle. When confronted by police, the individuals gave officers false information about their identities. Police charged them with obstruction of justice and theft.


Nov. 10 – Three adults were charged with trespassing after they brought their children to an under-construction playground that was clearly marked closed with fencing, signs and police tape.

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