BYUSA’s Flannel Fest brings fall to students

Members of BYUSA invite students to participate in Flannel Fest. This fall themed event will be held at Peaks Arena.
Members of BYUSA invite students to participate in Flannel Fest. This fall-themed event will be held at Peaks Ice Arena. (Mia Meredith)

BYUSA is inviting students to get a feel for fall at Flannel Fest on Friday, Nov. 11. The event begins at 8 p.m. at Peaks Ice Arena for an entrance fee of $5.

David Cheney, executive director of the Flannel Fest, said there will be several activities to reach a number of students. There will be games like spike ball and corn hole, a DJ and dance party, free food, skating and broom ball. A photo booth and pie eating contest will also take place.

“I think our whole objective, as an area at BYUSA, is to get to as many students as possible so they can feel welcomed at BYU,” Cheney said.

For the past couple years, BYUSA hosted a similar event in December and called it Freeze Fest. This is the first year it is being called Flannel Fest. The activities are very similar, Cheney said, but it is focused on fall with less of a Christmas feel.

“It’s scheduled closer to Thanksgiving, so our photo booths will have hay bales, and there will be a pumpkin pie-eating contest and hot chocolate,” Cheney said.

Flannel Fest will include a dance, games, ice skating, broomball, free food, and more.
BYUSA has been planning Flannel Fest since the beginning of the semester. The event will include a dance, games, ice skating, broom ball, free food and more. (Mia Meredith)


Mo Elinzano, the advertising and social media lead for Flannel Fest, said this fall event is cheap and fun with something for everyone.

“Not everyone loves ice skating, so I think students will love that there will be other stuff like dancing and broom hockey,” Elinzano said. “Also food. You can never turn down free food!”

BYUSA members have put in considerable effort and done their best to ensure the planned activities are worthwhile.

Lexi Henshaw, another executive director for the event, said Flannel Fest’s purpose is to provide students with a good atmosphere and a fun night while keeping many students engaged through different activities.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to meet new people, reconnect with others that you haven’t seen in a while, and just get out of the weekly, daily grind of homework, studying and work,” Henshaw said.

Henshaw said BYUSA anticipates 800 people will attend.

Henshaw and various BYUSA teams have been working on this event and finalizing details for two and a half months.

“We’re continually trying to refine and tailor events to student’s needs and interests as the years come,” Henshaw said. “We want people to have fun and enjoy, so wear your flannels and bring your friends!”

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