USU will allow overnight guests of the opposite sex in dorms

USU Facebook page
Couples at Utah State University participate in the century-old tradition of becoming “True Aggies” by kissing each other while standing on top of Block A. (USU Facebook page)

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah State University will soon officially allow dorm residents to have overnight guests of the opposite sex — if they get written permission.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that a recent policy update removes the restrictions with permission from roommates and housing staff.

USU student journalist Alyssa Roberts first reported on the new policy. She says other students haven’t really noticed the change because most people who wanted to host overnight guests were already doing it.

Steve Jenson with USU’s Housing and Residence Life says the update is intending to clarify the guest process while preventing disturbances to roommates, but his office only gets involved if someone complains.

Among other public schools in Utah, some have no gender sleepover restrictions while others also bar opposite-sex overnight guests.

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